speed ghosting is exactly like ghosting... only speedier

i totally got ghosted at school today. they we're filming it. it was awkward. and sort of funny.

in other news, my book bag weighs more than i do.


hug a canadian

my sunday best: dress three was $16 at a consignment store in idaho falls. one fixed hem later and i had myself and easter dress! it fits like a dream and it has pockets. a dress without pockets is like pie without cheese! (i know that totally makes no sense but lan told me the old people say that in canada. i love old people. and canada. and cheese. so let's roll with it.)

in other easter news: we ate our guts out with our only family in idaho, lisa & ryan. (lisa is my second cousin) they are funny and pregnant and having a boy. i made this cake and might have gained 5 pounds while eating it (and 2 more just now thinking about it sitting in my fridge.)

happy easter sunday!

p.s. still not tight-less in idaho. i woke up to snow one day this week. it's april somewhere.

love's redeeming work is done

"o Savior, thou who wearest a crown of piercing thorn,
the pain thou meekly bearest, weigh'd down by grief and scorn.
the soldiers mock and flail thee; for drink they give thee gall;
upon the cross they nail thee, to die the king of all.

no creature is so lowly, no sinner so depraved,
but feels thy presence holy and thru thy love is saved.
tho craven friends betray thee, they feel they love's embrace,
the very foes who slay thee, have access to thy grace.

thy sacrifice transcended the mortal laws demand;
thy mercy is extended to every time and land.
no more can satan harm us, tho long the fight may be
nor fear of death alarm us; we live, o Lord, thru thee.

what praises can we offer to thank thee, Lord most high?
in our place though didst suffer; in our place thou didst die.
by heaven's plan appointed to ransom us, our King,
o Jesus, the anointed, to thee our love we bring."

-hymn 197

these words say everything i can't.

i feel forever grateful for the one who has felt my joy and my pain. the one who gave everything for me, for us. through his love we are saved and we all have access to his grace. i'm so glad i know it. it's the happiest thing of all!

"He is risen! He is risen! tell it out with joyful voice!
He has burst his three day's prison, let the whole wide earth rejoice!
death is conquered, man is free. Christ has one the victory!"


it was hard to pick only 3

robin is awesome.

so quick: what are the first three songs that come to your mind when you think of your senior year?

mine? 2005-2006
existentialism on prom night- straylight run
the everglow- mae
and just because... ya know... soul survivor- young jeezy feat. akon

what are yours?

and because i love you, here are some photos of high school kate (via: a really crappy scanner)

years one and two i was a naive and peppy cheerleader.

years three and four i was a moody blond who thought i was bad-a because i went to lydia/awake&alert/xyzebra shows in blueridge (hahahaha.)

(your welcome.)

p.s. high school friends. i just found the mother load of really funny hs pictures that may or may not be hitting the blog soon. don't say i didn't warn you.


"everything you've heard about this class is probably right"

when i'm anxious about something i can't sleep. today was the first day of my statistics class, so you can imagine the tossing and turning that was happening last night. *"cause' this here is real!" if the fact that it's a statistics class isn't fun enough for you, my class prior is- quite literally- on the opposite end of campus. cue awkward running up the freaking hill. please tell me who decided byu-idaho should be built on one giant hill? cause' i feel like i'm always walking uphill (both ways {in the snow}) but don't worry, my other classes are all very pleasant. but if stats kills me i would like boris to have my red book bag. *"and jo to have my turquoise ring" but not really my joe is my brother.

school related: i got a new red book bag and i looooove it.

book bag related: do you say book bag or backpack?

not remotely related: did you see *the office with will? i wasn't happy about it in the first place but decided to give him a chance, after all he did grace us with *"the perfect cheer!" and *"janet reno you fight dirty!" *fact: it was bad. you guys, just bad. *deangelo vickers?

*there is a lot of tv and movie references thrown in there, 5 points if you kept up.


creatures (for a while)

camping + climbing (near) heise, idaho. first trip of the year on the last day of the break. it's back to school for both of us tomorrow.


the bowl, the buzz, the bleach and the jennifer aniston

growing up, my mom wouldn't let me get a perm. in fact, i had the same haircut from age 3 to age 20. a short bob with straight across bangs. i remember my friend traci curling, poofing, ratting and spraying my bangs in 4th grade for the first time and i thought i was thee coolest. but, looking back at my childhood photos vs. pretty much everyone else's childhood photos, i'm actually glad my mom kept things simple. the 80's and 90's we're good for a lot of things but hair wasn't one of them. so anyways, i have always wanted a perm. don't worry, i wont ever get one. but something deep inside of me really wants one and i can relate to my 6 year old self again. i mean, even sara kray has one, mom! yes, the same sara kray who needed to wipe her nose all the time and told me i had dirty blond hair and made me cry (it wasn't until years later that i realized dirty blond hair doesn't mean your hair is actually ridden with crud.) this cell phone photo is the closest i'll ever get to a perm. courtesy of my show last semester and a few hours of curlers. i lived the dream that day i tell you, lived the dream.

take that sara kray.


time doesn't matter to them yet

i started my run this morning with no intention of going there. but between loud music and too many old roads that look the same here i am. at the base of it and 2 miles into a 5 mile route. mile 3 is the hill. there are 3 landings on this hill but once you hit one, it only gets harder. my breath is pacing, my legs have that familiar ache and i think about going around it. as a new song comes on and i have 2 seconds of silence to hear my heart beat and feel a rush of adrenaline, i run. too fast at first, like always. landing one comes and i catch a quick breath. landing two comes and i try not to look at the last stretch of hill in front of me. i take a few deep breaths, change to a new song, close my eyes and run. as hard as i can. all the while my legs are protesting, my mouth tastes funny, my heart feels like it's beating in my ears, a sharp pain in my side begins to grow and push it's way into my shoulder. "breath through it. breath through it." 15 more steps. 10 more steps. 5,4,3,2,1 . . . . . . . . . .   on the other side is 2 slow miles of downhill. it takes no effort, my legs move for me and i feel like i'm floating. i need it, not the hill, but what comes after the hill.


please take a step

"never hurry, never rest" -goethe

i wish that was a part of who i was, a firmly fixed piece of me. i wish i didn't have to remind myself to live in a constant and not in a extreme. i wish it was ingrained. innate. part of my being.


shadow baby*

^yes! just can't remember where i found this goodness.

i read a lot of books at work. sometimes i catch myself doing something they are describing on the page. for instance "she cast her eyes down and to the left as she sighed in an effort to seem confused." did you just do it? be honest. did ya? did ya? as much as i'm loving getting all this page time lately, this whole acting thing is a little bit dangerous. what if someone was walking by as i read "she tilted her head back and laughed a wild, evil laugh!" scary. or maybe"she immediately stopped what she was doing and popped it, locked it and dropped it to show her excitement!" .... okay, that one might be cool.

*i'm on page 2. anyone read it?


how kate became a mrs.

i fear my last post may have been a little confusing. it was our 4 year engagement anniversary, just to clear things up. and because the masses are chanting "engagement story! engagement story!" i should probably comply. well that, and who doesn't like talking about their one true love? (lando, in this case) prepare yourselves for a long winded story...

christmas of 06' i went home for 2 weeks. it was the longest lando and i had spent apart in our dating history, all 3 months of it. i opened his present on christmas day and he got me the a&e box set of "pride & prejudice" (that man, such a keeper.) but those who know landon know he has the most horrendous phone etiquette known to man. so after two weeks of a text or two and a few phone calls i was like "hey, i miss that guy!" a really bad new years eve with some really immature boys made me think "hey, i miss that guy!" too.

landon took me on a date my first night back in town. we we're in the movie theatre and all of the sudden i thought "hey, i love that guy!" it was seriously one of those hit-you-over-the-head moments for me. i hadn't asked myself "do i love landon?" until we we're sitting watching a really lame movie and my thoughts began to wander. i wish i could say we we're watching some epic movie like quigley down under or waynes world. but nope, we we're watching "we are marshall" in the theatre eating popcorn (which got like .5 stars in my book, fyi- the movie, not the popcorn) landon must have felt the i-love-you-vibes too because when we stopped at a red light on our way home he turned to look at me (in slow motion of course) and said "kate ... during this pause my mind is running wild with thoughts of little blonde headed babies ... you rock!" kate, you rock? most aggravating/cutest boy alive.

the next night landon took me somewhere sentimental and grabbed me by the shoulders and kind of shook me when he said  "i think i'm falling in love with you." the next night he took me somewhere else sentimental and grabbed me by the shoulders and kind of shook me when he said "i think i want to marry you." i'm taking the nearly violent shoulder shake as a sign of nervousness. and again i declare: cutest boy alive.

so let me remind you that this was january 5th-7th. and yesterday was april 6th. valentines day came and i told my roommates "it'd be kind of lame if he proposed on valentines day." but thinking "please propose on valentines day." we kept on dating. we kept on being in love. he kept saying things like "you rock". then on april 5th he asked if i wanted to go look at rings to which i replied "yes!" all to eagerly i'm sure. we went to a few different places and i pointed out what i liked and what made me want to vomit (yes, sometimes bad wedding rings make me nauseous) he said something like "we'll worry about it in a few months" and we left.

the next day landon invited me with his family to go the the park for an easter egg hunt. as a little 6 month old attempted to play with an easter egg landon handed me one and said with a little smirk "i think this one is yours." i opened it and my ring was inside. he grabbed me by the shoulders and kind of shook me when he said "will you marry me?"

over the last month landon had found me a ring (with the help of his sister) planned the proposal and asked my mom if he could marry me. see what i mean? cutest boy alive. i was totally and completely surprised. (and very happy.)

i spent the next week playing the piano way too much, washing my hands an insane amount of times and painting my fingernails a different color everyday so i could look at my ring more.

phew, don't say i didn't warn you. if you read this you deserve a cookie (or maybe you need a job{or maybe you have a boring one like me}) i wanted to document if after the fact since my journal from this time is filled with "mrs. landon lines" and hearts over the i's.

p.s. my wedding ring did not make me want to vomit, thaaaaaaaank goodness.


love, love me do

(i sit in the blue chair and he sits in the orange one)

4 years ago today, landon liked it so he put a ring on it.

i'm glad he asked and i'm glad i said yes.


for a cupcake

this is what happens when i A. have too much time on my hands at work and B. decide to send my 6 year old niece a letter. draw, scan, "edit" in paint, i'm super high-tech. i kind of like them. question: would it be weird if i hung these in my (child-less) house? answer: yes.

well, when i have too much time on my hands at work i draw pictures and read articles like this. WHAT?!


just say hello to the ground*

a few things:

1. this week i tried to add up how many miles i've ran with my trusty sauconys, close to 1000! they've covered a lot of pavement. the next pair i buy i'm going to keep track of how many miles exactly.

2. it's 63 degrees today! i instantly forgave rexburg for it's awful winter and we're on speaking terms again.

3. i seriously wish i hadn't cut my bangs. they're in that awkward stage already and i'm having regrets. i realized i'm turning into one of those girls who is way too attached to their hair, but with good reason! it takes a long time to grow it out!

4.  i changed my major yeah, again. one of my goals for twenty-ten was to pick a major and stick with it. well, i did for all of 2010 so if i change it in 2011 i'm okay, right? i'm officially a psychology major and will graduate as one! don't believe me? well, believe it when you see it, baby. instead of a minor i'm doing two "clusters" one in theatre and one in musica. my education has proved to be like a bad day of what-to-wear. you know when you put on an outfit, it's eh, so you try on nearly everything in your closet and end up walking about the door in the first outfit you put on thinking how easy (and less messy) it would have been if you'd just stayed in it? that's my education. i started as a psychology major, spent a brief period entertaining the idea of special education, jumped to music, switched to art, declared secondary art ed, then back to psychology for good. some call me wishy-washy.

5.  i have to work all weekend. boo. but tomorrow we're getting up early and going rock climbing, it's one of the few things i'll wake up early for.

6. i'm really glad general conference is this weekend.

7. this morning i woke up to lando listening to a *ben kweller radio station, he was singing along as he shaved, me gusta.

happy weekend, weekend.