i would say you are my favorite one in town

Lu at 3 months: 

Smiles at everyone (though I'm convinced she saves the best smiles for me.) 
Is VOCAL. She doesn't really babble- she mostly yells. She's got a loud voice for such a tiny body. When we read to her at night she squawks along with us and it's my faaaavorite! 
We say "she's happy... until she's not" Lu is a generally easy going, happy baby- but when she's hungry/sad/mad/tired/bothered she lets us know. I actually love it because her sad face is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 
She loves the solly wrap and the hiking pack. We end up using one or the other in the late afternoon while I make dinner. 
She looks so wide-eyed and serious the entire time when we walk or jog in her stroller.
She is just starting to really belly laugh- it's like that half cry half laugh and it's the best sound in the world. 
She's up once a night to eat (praise heaven!) and sleeping in her crib in her room
She rolls over! From tummy to back on both sides. 
She loves tummy time, which always surprises me because a few weeks ago it was not so great. 
She is unbelievably happy when she wakes up every morning. It's my absolute favorite time of day with her (plus babies in pajamas makes me want to die of cuteness) I always bring her in bed with me and she squawks and smiles and laughs. 
She eats 4 oz every 3 hours or so 
She is curious and alert 
Whenever she wakes up from a nap she looks around the room- serious and slow with a furrowed brow. We call it "looking over her kingdom" ...making sure everything is as she left it. 
She is just starting (as in the past couple days) to get a little worried when someone other than Mom or Dad pick her up. 
I sing to her all day and she coos back with me.  
This is my favorite song to sing to her right now. 
And this is my favorite book to read. (Order it ASAP) 
James Taylor pandora calms her down every time. 
We call her Lu, Lulu, Little Lu, Goose, Sister, or The Baby (I love that last one because Landon refers to me as "The Mom") 

It's unbelievable how much this little girl has changed our lives. She is the most amazing person. I can't believe she is here, and I can't believe she is ours. We love you so much, Lu girl. 


before i met you

Before I met you, I had dreams about holding a baby girl, heavy in my arms. Tonight I held you tight against my chest and sang you to sleep. Before I met you, I worried and wondered if I would feel the things I was supposed to when I saw you. The day I saw your face my heart broke into a thousand pieces for every day we'd spent apart. Before I met you, I prayed I was enough, I hoped I was right. The moment I saw you, I knew you were my daughter and I was your mother.

Oh my baby girl, how I love you.

You are every good thing.

love, mom


The Horseshoe House part 2

The front room!


I wish I'd taken better before photos, because in these photos you can't see the POPCORN CEILING. You also cant smell the cigarette smoke that was seeped into that popcorn ceiling. When we walked through the house it only smelled faintly of smoke but when we started scraping the ceilings....woah mama it was so bad. You also don't get the full effect of how stunning the gold walls were... ;)


-We scraped (and scraped) the popcorn, retextured, sanded, primed and painted the ceiling. This project took longer than any other project. We laid out a big tarp, sprayed the ceiling with water a few times (with a weed sprayer, genius!) and scraped a section at a time. The popcorn came off easily and besides the smell, this part wasn't terrible. We textured all the imperfections by hand, again this wasn't bad. Then we sanded, it took days and made a giant mess. Priming and painting we tricky simply because you had to stand on a ladder and movie it every couple feet. 

-We painted the walls bright white, again- Ben Moore "chantilly lace". We painted the ceiling the same shade in a different sheen. 

-The ceiling fans were new, so it seemed silly to replace them right now. You can't really tell from the before photos but they were a niiiiice shade of red cherry wood. We spray painted them black and it made a huge difference. 

-We installed the bookshelves! I designed the corner shelves and Landon installed them. (I use design loosely, I basically measured the spacing from the window and between the shelves and sketched it out) We just used wood and brackets from Home Depot. Landon cut down the wood and I stained them. 

-We painted the coat closet door (and all the interior doors) Ben Moore "brushed aluminum" and I love the contrast against the white walls. The perfect gray in my book. 

-You can see a part of it in the piano shot, but we widened and squared off that entry way. I'll explain that with the kitchen post. 

The next project for this room is definitely the flooring. The bank replaced the carpet before we moved in and it's the cheapest carpet laid very poorly. It's coming up in a few places and had seams everywhere that if you pull keep pulling up the whole line of carpet, like a sweater. It shows everything and there are already stains just from foot traffic. Sooooo, I'm anxious to get new flooring hopefully sometime this year. We're going to do wood floor for sure in the front room and hallway and hopefully in the bedrooms too if we can find a wood thats affordable enough. We're hoping to find a color similar to our bookshelves. With new flooring comes new trim! We'll do something really simple. Then we'll do a big over sized rug in this space. Right now I'm leaning towards something like this, possibly even more navy. 

Eventually, I'd love to get another couch. My teal couch is the stuff my dreams are made of but it's not the comfiest to lounge on. Especially since we spend the majority of the time in this room. I think we'll do a sectional, I found one I love thats reasonably priced and I can customize the fabric. This is the shape of the couch and actually pretty similar to the couch I want, just with some tufting and probably a darker fabric. I'm not the biggest fan of sectionals but if they fit a space well I'm all about the function of lots of comfortable seating. Then I'll put one of the orange chairs "conversationally" placed to break up the room. 

Overall I love the flow of this room.  I can't waaaaait to get the flooring down!