i run this town to be near you

^This is me. Being left handed & doing music homework. (All the best people are left-handed and all the worst people do music homework, I'm convinced.)

I just went to youtube and saw our recommendations:

"mommys emergency swagger"
"justin beiber wedding dance"
"theophilus london - i stand alone - official video"
"how to style your bangs"
"how to not fold laundry"

"engine build part 6"
"cad designs of differentials"
"basic relay diagram"
"gopro HD hero2"
"dan osmon - speed climber"

We are awesome.


bek & the great salt lake

She lived in Oregon and I lived in Arizona
She lives in Arizona and I live in Idaho
Somehow we find each other in the Great Salt Lake, eating waffles and telling secrets
Salt Lake is our place, our secret tree fort of adulthood
I love it
And her.

(and some things I cannot, will not, and don't ever want to forget about this weekend: the "i-slept-in-till-8-o-clock" dance. giving a homeless man our uneaten gourmet pizza and watching him do a little dance as he ate it. the bearded masseuse. "Bake-ah." The see-saw table. Proposing marriage to a Belgium. THE MACHINE GUN. Hushed whispers in the temple (trying to figure out how the heck to get into the temple.) Utah being too righteous for Thai food. "You should turn your sign off then...." Squirting root beer all over the table. Driving around the foot hills.{Just to name a few.})



I told myself I wouldn't become a blogger who posts obnoxious photos of pets dressed up but then I got Burry a bandanna...

I am headed to Salt Lake tomorrow to spend the weekend with my sister. (!!!) It was super last minute but everything fell into place to perfectly. I cannot wait! Landon decided to stay home and hold down the fort. (and by hold down the fort I mean do homework for 10+ hours on Saturday. Lucky duck.)

Happy-almost-long-weekend, everybody.


in my neighborhood

It's a funny feeling when you find yourself nostalgic for a moment you're in. A warm-ish winter Sunday walk with my husband and my odd puppy while making up *lyrics to "heart of gold" is something I'd like to remember from today.

*it was obviously in our heads after seeing this. That Jimmy, he gets us every time.


at - at - at night

This is what happens when K-train and Boris have a class together. Webcam photos, pretending to listen and hot tamales. Win-win-win.


it's half time, America

I'm blogging about the Super Bowl before it's even over. But to be perfectly honest the only thing it did for me was give me an excuse to eat Super Bowl food and remind me how much I love Clint Eastwood (as if I forgot!) And seriously, Maddona? #uncomfortable (...this subject needs to be it's complete own blog post, what is it with pop stars? I am so embarrassed for them.)