hug a canadian

my sunday best: dress three was $16 at a consignment store in idaho falls. one fixed hem later and i had myself and easter dress! it fits like a dream and it has pockets. a dress without pockets is like pie without cheese! (i know that totally makes no sense but lan told me the old people say that in canada. i love old people. and canada. and cheese. so let's roll with it.)

in other easter news: we ate our guts out with our only family in idaho, lisa & ryan. (lisa is my second cousin) they are funny and pregnant and having a boy. i made this cake and might have gained 5 pounds while eating it (and 2 more just now thinking about it sitting in my fridge.)

happy easter sunday!

p.s. still not tight-less in idaho. i woke up to snow one day this week. it's april somewhere.


kate said...

That dress is just lovely! My dad likes to put cheddar cheese on his apple pie (and we're both Canadian) so maybe that has something to do with the saying! (Ok, probably not, I think the cheese on pie thing is a little odd...)

Loving your blog! Keep up the awesome posts! Oh! We had snow here last week and today it was all sunshine and heat! Maybe April is on its way.

angela hardison said...

i love the dress, of course. and you're beautiful, of course. happy easter sunday!

The Webbs said...

kate-seriously please find dresses like this for me?? that would be amazing :) because you look amazing!! really super cute classy dress. glad you had a wonderful sabbath. happy easter-love the post below as well :)

Miss MyKelle J said...

Cute dress!

ps. cheddar cheese on apple pie is AMAZING! You should try it sometime :) then you can say you gained 7lbs instead of 5 :) the cheese will do that...

smashley said...

love, love, love the dress.
pockets are my favorite.
your blog is darling.

Whitney J said...

that dress is perfect! dresses with ties are my favorite and i always love a good black and brown combo :)

communikate. said...

kate- i always think of you when i find dresses with pockets!

pst. this post title makes me think of my bff that's half canadian. we always sing "oh canada" when she enters the room.

pst.. 45 days!

carla thorup said...

always so pretty :) and it's still tights weather in utah as well... so i'm with ya chica.

and pheonix? i am not sold. but no name sounds like my kid. i am having name blockage hard core up in here.

lauren said...

you're adorable. seriously. i love the dress. and i love pockets.

i'm canadian, through & through, but i've never eaten pie with cheese. i guess i'll have to try it sometime, huh?

glad you had a happy easter!

chelsea :: stock said...

those shoes... flats? heels? wedges? super curious.

and as angela said, you're beautiful, of course.

Mallory Camille said...

totally rolling with it, love your dress. what the rexburg weather?

laura. said...

i love the dress.
and that quote reminds me of pushing daisies, cheese and pie. save a tree, hug a beaver.

your hair is so long, i am envious.

amanda jane said...

such a beautiful find!!

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh good deal girl! Ok I am going to go and follow your blog now! :)

Ashley Sloan