shadow baby*

^yes! just can't remember where i found this goodness.

i read a lot of books at work. sometimes i catch myself doing something they are describing on the page. for instance "she cast her eyes down and to the left as she sighed in an effort to seem confused." did you just do it? be honest. did ya? did ya? as much as i'm loving getting all this page time lately, this whole acting thing is a little bit dangerous. what if someone was walking by as i read "she tilted her head back and laughed a wild, evil laugh!" scary. or maybe"she immediately stopped what she was doing and popped it, locked it and dropped it to show her excitement!" .... okay, that one might be cool.

*i'm on page 2. anyone read it?


Traci Butler said...


I have led many books to their tragic death. j/k

... maybe just one or two.

Clever kathy.

The Webbs said...

lol too funny!! i always catch myself doing things in books. Or smiling at the computer while reading something and kam always has to ask what is so funny.

glad and proud that i have not joined the jersey shore watchathon. ever.

laurice romney. said...

Never watched Jersey shore and proud of it!

It's still weird to me to think that I'm an avid reader but I am!

Ash said...

Love the picture. So so accurate. I do the same thing when I read. Especially when I read something like Jane Eyre. Hm...

angela hardison said...

that photo is so cool. it makes me feel better that i've never watched jersey shore.

abby said...

reading is my one talent. i know it's not a talent but i don't have any other talents and i spend a lot of time reading, so i consider it as such. i feel sorry for people that don't like to read.

Lacey Lou Who said...

Being an English major and all I have to agree 100% with that picture! I'm such a book nerd it's not even funny so I know exactly where you are coming from!

mandyface said...

I love this pic. All kinds. I do the same thing too, especially when a book says a character says something a certain way. I can't help saying it under my breath the way I'd think it would sound. Sometimes I have to try a few times to get it right. Sometimes husb catches me and its awkward.

lauren said...

that picture is awesome. it made me laugh and then turn my laptop around for brian to see. so. good.
i might have to steal it.

p.s. what book are you reading?

communikate. said...

i've been guilty of watching jersey whore er. shore. a coupla times, but in a car crash sense.. you know.. "it's so bad, but i just can't look away."

oh, and i totally do that when reading too.