the waters around you have grown

happy birthday to me!

first let me say i posted this picture to show you that prenatals are (already!) doing wonders for my hair. praise the heavens! it's about time it started growing. yeeeeeeeah. and to (kinda) show you my birthday jacket- me gusta!

-i am twenty-two.
-my husband is the coolest.
-i'm think this might be the best year yet...


loving: everyones comments! thank you, thank you.
feeling: unbelievably happy . . . and kind of mean! i was this close to ripping an apple out of a girls mouth in the library because of how she was eating it and even closer to telling a boy in my class that he smelled bad.
eating: pretty much only soup and tootsie rolls. and this is the first time in my life when diet pepsi sounds gross.
waiting: not-so-patiently to for an appointment with the midwife i want to use- but the fact that she's busy is probably a good sign, right?
listening: to the almost freezing rain fall on our roof, i think we may have snow in the morning.
trying: not to be overly excited about the prospect that me and beyonce might be pregnant together.
rehearsing: 20 hours a week and...
missing: lando.
writing: baby names everywhere... when i should be writing essays.
neglecting: the blog world for the next little bit, mid-terms and feeding myself comes first.

and thinking only about babies-- told you so.


look how they shine for you

does 22 and 25 sound like a good age to have a baby?
we think so... and baby is on the way!

i thought i'd wait to announce it but we are just so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so giddy! my thoughts are strictly baby... oh, and eating or else we all know what happens. i bet i've told landon 54350132 times since we found out "i'm so happy" ... and i really am. so happy. we're having a baby!


until the shine wears off

i got a job on campus a couple weeks ago. i'm a prop assistant for this semesters two shows. (arsenic and old lace and marriage of figaro) i already love it. the prop rooms are amazing and the furniture units are even better. but my favorite room? the costume shop. boxes filled with old hats and shoes, rows and rows of clothes sorted by decade- you should see the 20's, 40's and 70's. it's perfection. i got a part in white christmas with the playmill theatre, i'm also taking a acting class and i have to perform a monologue weekly, i'm all theatre-nerded out this semester. so i'm either singing christmas songs or practicing for a monologue 24/7. poor lando.


over and around

today we drove to logan for our friends wedding. we decided to take the long way home in our sunday best. i love it when we do that. we drove slow with our music on and our windows down, watching autumn and smelling campfire. i told landon sometimes my heart feels like its going to explode when i see such pretty things.happy, happy october.
(hey mom, thanks for letting me "borrow" this skirt)
(hey everyone else, my mom is the cutest ever)
(hey lars, she's got a master in motherhood and she's phat. right?)