take my badge but my heart remains

^a harvest from our itty bitty garden 
^the man, the myth, the legend behind our itty bitty garden. I'm really into him. 


big blue

One of my dear friends Dad passed away and his funeral is this weekend. Oh, how my heart hurts for her today. It aches, an ache that is so hard to explain except to those girls who have lost their Dads too. The kind of hurt that grabs your heart in it's cold hands and squeezes. The kind of sad that makes you feel like you can't take a full breath. The kind of ache that hurts your teeth. She knows, and I know, where they are right now. But sometimes, a girl just really misses her Dad.


a walking contradiction

Yesterday morning felt like fall and we walked to class holding hands, Lando kissed my cheek, he went into one building and I went into another. I bought a bagel from the bookstore and sat in a quiet little part of the building and read 2 chapters from a book for my cultural psychology class. I felt suddenly and completely nostalgic for the very moment I was in. Can you do that? I thought about how so very quickly all of this will be over. Rexburg. College. Kate & Lando as the only units of the Lines family. I wish I could slow time down and speed it up all at the same time. I wish I could be blindfolded and look into the future all at the same time. I wish I could revisit any moment that's ever made me feel this way.


north is to south

A film photo of camping a few weeks ago. We are serious about camping. And plaid. And frizzy hair. 


kate of walmart

It's with (some, and obviously not enough) hesitation that I show this photo to the world wide web, but I seriously can't stop laughing about it. I also thought about possibly sharing another photo of my bruised, swollen and stitched up knees and feet as to explain why I was using the cart, but I've got some dignity left over here.

We started school yesterday. I'm taking 12 credits. I've had waaaaay too many semesters of 15's and 18's and I can't even believe how awesome 12 feels. 4 classes! All psych classes! All professors I adore! Go college! Landon on the other hand it taking 15 credits of math, science, and engineering. Go college?

All of my blog friends are quitting, and leaving the blogging world. (I'm looking at you, Kate!) I'm really bummed out about this. Remember that one friends Mom in high school that held onto 80's hair well into the 2000's? I guess blogging will be my 80's bangs, something I can't let go of, even for instagram. I've been here for 4+ years. I made it through the "lovely" and "horribly-over-edited-photo" stage for cyring out loud! I think I'll stick around a while longer.

Just some random thoughts for you Tuesday, I suppose.

p.s. those carts are hecka hard to drive.


union, falls.

Let's move on from the previous post, shall we? On to happier things.

I need to document all of our summer activities before school starts (tomorrow! Can I say I'm a little peeved our wreck ruined our last 5 days of  freedom! We had a hiking AND camping trip planned. Rude.) and I forget to to post about them and before we know it- it's summer 2013.

Labor day we hiked Union Falls with some az friends, Cam and Casi. It was about 15 miles round trip and a few miles in you actually cross into Yellowstone Park (high 5 for getting into the park for free!) Along the trail you can head one direction for about half a mile and get to the most amazing waterfall hot spring pool. We'd crossed the freezing river 4 times on the hike, so I wasn't too convinced I was going to jump into that water, but it was like pool water. Perfect temperature and crystal clear water. The hike would have been worth that alone but a little ways up the trail was Union Falls- all 265 feet of it! It is beautiful and breathtaking, loud and powerful but serene and calming. We sat at the top for a while, eating our lunch and snapping photos, and then headed back down. We stopped at Frostop on our way home- the funniest little diner in the funniest little town.

(I only brought my film camera along, which is always kind of scary.) I'm so glad we did this before our stay in Idaho ends.


that day we crashed

Well, we've had an interesting few days over here.

Wednesday evening we had a hankering for some Jamba Juice and headed out that way on our little motorcycle. On our way back home we were heading straight through an intersection on main street and someone taking a left hand turn didn't see us and turned into us throwing us both off the bike. Me about 20 feet and Landon about 10. My goodness it was a surreal feeling. We both saw it coming a few seconds before it actually happened. I had enough time to think "they're going to hit us, this is happening" and close my eyes. I felt myself fly forward and slam into the ground head first. I don't know how else I flipped but I ended up sitting up with my legs out in front of me looking at my bloody and already bruised feet. We got hit so hard my sneakers literally flew off my feet. Landon was behind me but right next to me in a second to ask if I was okay and all I could say was "I think I broke my leg... where are my shoes?" I was pretty shocked and confused. We we're less than a block from the fire and police station and a pedestrian called 911 right when it happened so I was still sitting in the middle of the road when they arrived. I scooted over to the curb and waited for the cop to take our information. Landon must have had a huge adrenaline rush because he was just sort of pacing saying "I'm so sorry, Kate" over and over and trying to move the (totaled) motorcycle out of the road, all with a gaping head wound, mind you. An ambulance came and tried to take us to the hospital but we denied it because we were only about 2 blocks from it and we have a friend who lives right there and would come pick us up. They didn't get a statements from us because there were 4 or 5 pedestrians who saw the crash happen and the other driver was cited for failure to yield. A cop later came to the hospital to get our statements and have us fill out some paper work. Our good friend Dan was there within minutes and drove us to the emergency room. Initially it looked like a broken foot for me and leg for Landon but no broken bones, luckily. Landon needed staples in the back of his head and I needed a few stitches in my foot. They cleaned up all our road rash on our knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders and gave us some pain medication and sent us on our way. We fell asleep pretty quickly but the next morning was a little rough. I passed out trying to walk to the bathroom and then again trying to get my pain medication and Landon was so sick and throwing up all morning from the medication. We we're not feeling so hot. But we spent most of the day in bed and our wonderful friends brought us drinks, medicine, dinner and even took care of our dog for the day. Today was better. We are sore. Sore, sore, sore. You know that "I feel like I got hit by a car" joke? Well, now I can actually say "I feel like I got hit by a car." Watching us hobble around our house is quite a site to see. It'd be sad if it wasn't so funny. We are bruised and swollen and beat up and pretty traumatized but getting by and taking care of each other.

I can't count how many times I've said "I can't believe we're okay" A head on collison with a motorcyle and a car doesn't sound very good. Then when you add the no helmet thing in there........... no we didn't have our helmets on. We we're headed just about a mile from our house and decided to take the bike last minute, stupid we know. We feel so, so, so blessed that we are here and okay. I've cried too many times thinking about all the "what if's" of the crash. I've replayed it a hundred times and every time realize just how easily things could have been so much worse.

Now I'm lying here next to Landon with an ice pack on my swollen foot and crying again because I just can't really believe this happened. Life is scary. Things happen so quickly. And sometimes there is absolutely no choice you can make to avoid it. I'm so glad I have Landon next to me to help me navigate through it all.

Oh yeah, and we never did get to drink our Jamba Juice.