it was hard to pick only 3

robin is awesome.

so quick: what are the first three songs that come to your mind when you think of your senior year?

mine? 2005-2006
existentialism on prom night- straylight run
the everglow- mae
and just because... ya know... soul survivor- young jeezy feat. akon

what are yours?

and because i love you, here are some photos of high school kate (via: a really crappy scanner)

years one and two i was a naive and peppy cheerleader.

years three and four i was a moody blond who thought i was bad-a because i went to lydia/awake&alert/xyzebra shows in blueridge (hahahaha.)

(your welcome.)

p.s. high school friends. i just found the mother load of really funny hs pictures that may or may not be hitting the blog soon. don't say i didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

You weren't the only regular at the Lydia shows! Haha

Anonymous said...

And xyzebra...

{she + him} said...

I love how you and Jessbabe are rocking the vintage hs pics...I'm not that brave!!

kasey kaufusi said...

i say post those pics! haha

kate said...

you ladies didn't leave your songs! i really wanna know...

communikate. said...

hilarious kate.

i still can't see ya as a cheerleader though.


year 2000-2001

songs i actually liked or annoying ones that they played on the radio?

i'm going with songs i liked.


Yep. I can't think of a particular song, because those three where are repeat all year (and pretty much all of h.s.)

wait. one radio song.

Nelly's "Shimmy shimmy cocoa what? Listen to it pound" song.

I went to homecoming date (all day) with a kid that played that on repeat all.day.long. shudder.

communikate. said...


i totally forgot about beastie boys "get it togetha!" that is the one song that sums up my h.s. existence. i've had a post in drafts for months with a story along with it. maybe someday i'll share it.

sorry.. none of this made sense.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
I'm an oldie...1996 grad. Don't do the math.
I sang my lusty lungs out along with Jewel's Who Will Save Your Soul, Collective Soul's The World I Know, and Natalie Merchant's Wonder. (All on cassette...yikes!) My all time favorite though was Ace of Base's 1st album (Happy Nation I think???)...all tracks.
No laughing...except that I am and so can't really hold it against you. :)

chelsea :: stock said...

wait wait wait wait.


xyzebra is my husband's band, did you know that? and awake and alert is my brothers band. how did I not know this?

we were so meant to be friends.

kate said...

chelsea. i knew kayleens husband was in awake and alert but i didn't know jeff was in xyzebra! i loved them! they came to snowflake/white mountains a few times and i always went...

so funny.

were you guys married .... 5 years ago?

The Webbs said...

oh my gosh-seriously we listened to straylight run wayyyy too much. and i still love that song. way too much lydia and all other bands that we thought we were cool listening too.

kate i remember that cheer picture and i remember thinking how freaking long your legs were!!

robin said...

well, since i already played, i will think of the next three that come to mind:

lovefool - the cardigans (and pretty much the entire "romeo and juliet" soundtrack. it ruled my senior year.

what i've got - sublime

all for you - sister hazel

when i was in high school, the only music we were exposed to was what was on the radio. there was no internet telling us what was cool. but i still enjoy a good 90's tune every once and a while... and i probably always will...

robin said...

oh and i was a cheerleader too! gooooooo cowboys!

chelsea :: stock said...

we have been married almost six years. we got married mid xyzebra era. I was at all of their white mountain shows! we were totally at the same place at the same time... so weird.

if you ever purchased one of their "someone in xyzebra loves you" tee shirts it is very possible that I personally hand sewed the heart on the shirt. I played merch girl a lot.

so awesome.

Autumn said...

this post made me laugh, mainly because I could really relate.

Gone so Young- Amber Pacific
Also Mae and also Straylight Run
The Get Up Kids CDs over and over from my freshman year and Taking Back Sunday.

Traci Butler said...

Considering the text you sent me I think I may be in a few of those. If I am best approve them Kate or I may write bad words on your blog. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Your text made me laugh. Cute pics - you were such a bad A ;)

Lissa Chandler said...

have i told you that you write my favorite blog? because you do. :)

Sopha said...

Ok, seeing your cheer picture makes you look all to familiar. And I went to those Lydia concerts all the time-we had to of crossed paths I know it.

laurice romney. said...

oh high school. love the pictures.I didn't know you were a cheerleader. don't worry I won't hold it against you.

laura. said...

such a hottie.
i must thank you for not putting my big butt picture on this post. cause we both looked rockin' in that one.