last week:

Kate taught a blogging class on campus and helped teach freshman how to train chickens with positive reinforcement, can you tell I'm a psych major?

Lando made the worlds best stir-fry and we pretty much ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

We spent the weekend with my parents! They came to see Cami-Lou and we got to steal a few hours with them too.  




last week:

Kate joined the cool-kids club and finally got an i-phone (except for it was a hand-me-down 4, which kind of kicks me out of the cool-kids club) and APPLIED FOR GRADUATION! (!!!!!!!!!!)

Landon got the highest grade in the class on a physics test and bought a new RC car (electric instead of his old gas one apparently there is a big difference in performance, you guys) 

We had 7 of the most beautiful fall days. And those beautiful fall days made both our allergies go wild, so we bought a humidifier and you can consider our lives changed. 



last week: 
Landon- sold our little truck
Kate- went to St. George to watch Sarah run 26.2 miles
We- met our newest niece, Camille Louise (and we can't get enough of her.)