i got your back

We rolled in late Thursday night from az and I'm already missing my babes so much. I took like two photos the whole trip (which was actually pretty nice) but I can't get over this one. Look at that face! This is Aevyn who calls her self "Waywyn" who adds a "so, so, so, so, so, so..." to everything she says. "I so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so love you Kate!" is pretty much the best thing I've ever heard. Ooh, I miss them!

...and my whole family for that matter. We pull together, even in moments of nearly insurmountable heartbreak, we are on each others team. My sadness is their sadness, my joy is their joy. I so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so love you family.


Well, we survived finals week and made it to Arizona. Where, we drove with the windows down in the blazing heat to soak it all in and I yelled "I love Arizona!" out the window. We have spent our days swimming in the pond, eating Thai food, talking on the front porch with my family, getting sunburned, fishing (Lando) and wearing ridiculous amounts of jewelery to Church so my nieces will want to sit by me (Kate) and sneaking them candy so I can sneak back into "favorite aunt" title (Kate, again.) Sounds nearly perfect? It is nearly perfect.

I really do love Arizona. It's where it's at.


smores' at warm slough

Today was the first Saturday night I've had off in a long time. A campfire by the river with the Haynes and the Balls was a perfect way to spend it. Minus the part where everyone figured out was a scaredy-cat I am when it comes to nighttime and noises in the forest. Freaky. I blame Congo and Watcher in the Woods.  


packsaddle lake

July 4th 2001, packsaddle lake with friends, really REALLY cold water. I don't want summer to end. 


don't hit on the messenger

Guess what? I have something to talk about other than school... work. "Don't kill the messenger" needs to be stamped on my forehead or maybe "don't hit on the messenger." I've found people are either overly friendly or overly mean. It's either a drunk dude asking me to move to Vegas with him or a snarky Mom complaining about this or that. There is the occasional snowbird who is sweet as can be and says things like "Thank you, darling" (Well, the snowbirds and the Canadians. Canadians are always nice. ) But for the most part, people are grumpy! And mean! I am shocked at how many people will full on yell at me and slap their hands on the counter. Shocked! If I work here for much longer I'm going to lose all faith in humanity! Okay that's a little dramatic but I wish people would play nice. I think it's really easy to "kill the messenger" and I know I've done it. But being nice gets you a lot farther I've realized. Moral of the story kids: be nice or else.......... or else........ some girl you'll never see again is going to write a post about you! And 79 people read her blog! So there! (Also, don't call anybody kid, unless they are a kid. It's annoying.)

Contrary to where that previous paragraph left you, I really like my job. It's perfect hours for school, I can do homework while I'm here, and drunken wedding parties/class reunions/*Idaho Potato Bureau meetings make for some pretty entertaining people watching. It's like reality T.V. live. Watching people stutter and slip and make fools of themselves makes me glad we have the D&C 89 (I'm such a mormon) Plus, there a fresh baked cookies every night and I can eat as many as I want. *Really! I cant make this stuff up.

Happy 4th of July weekend to those who are celebrating. I work all weekend long so I'll be showing my patriotism by wearing a red ribbon in my hair. Someone eat a hot dog and light a sparkler for me.

I didn't really ever think I was one, but after re-reading this post I can now say I am definitely not one. A hipster. There are way to many explanation marks in here and I started writing in caps again. That, and hipsters have cooler jobs.