We headed to Salt Lake this weekend to meet Lando's parents for *supercross.  We had such a fun time, Tim and Lori are the easiest people to be around. We walked around Temple Square and the new mall (THE NEW MALL!) went to church in the Joesph Smith building, and ate some really good food. They even let me take them to the amazing waffle place, Brugers, I knew they'd be fans (who wouldn't be?) Lori and I would ooh and ah about the flowers while Tim and Landon discussed thermal dynamics. Two peas in a pod, those guys. And if there was ever any question in your mind, spring in Utah beats spring in Idaho.

Thank you so much for meeting us Tim and Lori, we already miss you. 

*I definitely married into supercross. I'd never been before I met Lando, but I've been every year since. I am pretty sure I was one of twenty girls there without glitter-bum jeans, big hair and a monster shirt. To further prove I am new to supercross after the flame/firework show at the beginning I said "Whoa! That smoke looks like a dementor!" Harry Potter references and supercross? Probably not. 

lexis, this photo is for you. No Bubba this time, but I know Dungey is a close second :)


the picture kept will remind me

Remember this? Well, there was some good news and some bad news. The good news was that in January it worked! We got two lines after lots (and lots) of just one line. The bad news was I miscarried a few weeks after. Again, dang it. It was heartbreaking. But we are okay! Better than okay really. I feel now more than ever that there is a little someone waiting to come to us. And someday that little someone will. I feel peaceful. I feel ready to take the next step. We'll take it as it comes. It's all in the timing, right?

I wasn't going to post this at first. Partly due to the fact that we didn't tell a soul I was pregnant and just a few people after I wasn't. But, I guess I want people to know. I want any women who reads my blog who is waiting to know that there are a lot of us who feel that pain. I want to remember how blessed I am to have Lando. I want everyone to know how much I trust the Lord. I want everyone to know we are okay.

We have each other and as long as it's just us two, that's enough for me.


passing glance

Somewhere between a trail run, swimming in a spring fed creek, sleeping beneath millions of stars in a clear sky, and walking through red sand I decided being an outdoorsy person is the type of person I am and the type of person I always want to be. Even when the kids come. Actually, especially when the kids come. I hope we never lose our sense of awe or our craving to be out of doors and walls instead of in doors and walls. I hope we pass it on to them.


and i write them as soon as i see them

We interrupt regular scheduled Moab postings for a first-day-of-school-photo (too bad this could easily be mistaken for a mormon-fashion-blogger photo, it'd be a pretty disappointing outfit, given the target pants and all.) 

There are some reason I need you, dear blends, to feel sorry for me:

1. My backpack is heavy and my shoulders are sunburned.
2. I'm taking Behavioral Neurobiology this semester.
3. Today I decided to be responsible and work on an assignment between classes in the Ricks computer lab. 45 minutes in all the text went Chinese and Word kicked me out with nothing saved. So, yaaay! Happy first day of school to me! 

p.s. Landon is torching handle bars. Right now. In our living room. Just in case you were wondering...


teaching the world how to spell rappel, one status update at a time!

Oh man, looking at these pictures makes my toes start to tingle (right, Kathleen?!) but this was hands down one of the funnest things I've ever done in my life. Lando saw a youtube video of a rappel here and hasn't stopped talking about it. He made sure we had all the equipment, set everything up, walked me through it, and even used two ropes to make sure we were backed up. He's a champ. 

I'm a little bummed because I don't have any photos of me actually rappelling (curse of the designated photographer.) The only one I have is this first photo on top of the arch. Don't you worry though, moments after I was crying as I tied myself in and then yelled "WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!" before I started even moving. I'm a champ.  


i'll allow it

Days 2 & 3 we took a long morning cruise on the bikes through some old canyon roads (with Burry in a backpack), hiked to Corona Arch (and rappelled it ! but that deserves it's own post.) I happened upon a geocache which is basically like finding a treasure chest, only with crap inside. Reading through the notebook of names was pretty cool though. We left our names and a BYU-Idaho pen, you know- representin'.  We swam in the freezing Colorado river and played games on the beach. We walked through Jackson Hole, West Yellowstone, Sedona, Jerome, Moab and over payed for ice cream and a coyote shirt. Oh, and my Tiva tan line started really coming through, SCORE.


moab day 1

(We just rolled in from a week long trip to Moab and I have way too many photos to share so I'm obnoxiously breaking them into day and/or event posts, you've been warned.)

Day 1 was spent finding a rad campsite, taking a rather pleasant hike along a spring fed stream in the late afternoon, eating the best tin foil dinner I've ever had in my life, and looking awesome in our head lights. Obviously.


the man of the hour

I'm thinking this motorcycle might prove to be our best purchase yet. But don't worry Mom and Dad, we wear our helmets and use our blinkers and stay off major roads. It's inconvenient that this post falls on April Fools day, because now our parents think we really don't wear helmets. Okay, we don't wear helmets. April Fools! Did that help clear it up?

It's the last week of the semester. Finals. So yeah, that's always fun.