mom, you should be proud

not really though, today is the test. lets hope the seams don't bust while i'm out thrifting.

i sewed below skirt, my momma got me a sewing machine for christmas and said she would teach me. (she is a master seamstress) she put me and my sister in sewing classes one summer in high school and my friends mom taught the class. i'd drop boris off and sneak into my friends basement and sit and talk with him untill the class was over. i totally regret it. i decided i didn't want to wait to learn so i read the manual on how to thread it, and started sewing, gasp. it was like a bad haircut, i just had to keep taking length off until it was even. i found this material at goodwill over a year ago and i have always wanted to do something with it. so here it is, just don't look too close.

note to self: no bending over today


super two

super cross 07'
 super cross 09'
i kind of love this guy and that he loves dirt bikes (and even when he makes weird faces.)


2 oh, oh 9

dress up par-tay to bring in 09.

you should know who we were by this^, or else we might not be friends.

but just in case-


lovely simplicity and simple love

my two words for 2009:
simplify: love
simplify: days
simplify: thoughts
simplify: evaluation
simplify: relationships
simplify: health
simplify: life
let him do it with simplicity,
i want my life to be lovely, or remain that way. i want my words and my thoughts to be lovely, where it matters, and to who it matters. i want love to abound in my home. i want love to come above all, love for Him, love for them, and love for me.
lovely simplicity and simple love
and one real goal: play this^ more. lando's parents got me a piano for christmas. i cried when i saw it. a piano! after two weeks of having it, i've probably played more then my eight years of (hating) lessons. t & l: thank you, thank you, thank you. (again) and mom: "someday you'll thank me"  thank you, thank you, thank you for making me stick with it.