love's redeeming work is done

"o Savior, thou who wearest a crown of piercing thorn,
the pain thou meekly bearest, weigh'd down by grief and scorn.
the soldiers mock and flail thee; for drink they give thee gall;
upon the cross they nail thee, to die the king of all.

no creature is so lowly, no sinner so depraved,
but feels thy presence holy and thru thy love is saved.
tho craven friends betray thee, they feel they love's embrace,
the very foes who slay thee, have access to thy grace.

thy sacrifice transcended the mortal laws demand;
thy mercy is extended to every time and land.
no more can satan harm us, tho long the fight may be
nor fear of death alarm us; we live, o Lord, thru thee.

what praises can we offer to thank thee, Lord most high?
in our place though didst suffer; in our place thou didst die.
by heaven's plan appointed to ransom us, our King,
o Jesus, the anointed, to thee our love we bring."

-hymn 197

these words say everything i can't.

i feel forever grateful for the one who has felt my joy and my pain. the one who gave everything for me, for us. through his love we are saved and we all have access to his grace. i'm so glad i know it. it's the happiest thing of all!

"He is risen! He is risen! tell it out with joyful voice!
He has burst his three day's prison, let the whole wide earth rejoice!
death is conquered, man is free. Christ has one the victory!"