all along the western front

Our Saturday was spent cleaning our apartment, finishing up our homework for the week, making study guides, climbing at the gym, grocery shopping and eating homemade salsa. We just finished watching the movie "Super 8" and... wow, that wasn't what I was expecting. I hadn't seen a trailer but had read good things. I pressed play expecting a sweet film about making films and before I know it I'm knee deep in conspiracy theory and military projects gone wrong.  Maybe it was not being fully prepared for what the movie was about, but I wasn't a fan, I sort of just felt like I was watching "War of the Worlds" all over again. Now we're watching "Ides of March" and so far so good. But I'm blogging and Lando is doing pushups soooooo.......

We lead glamorous lives.

And this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just happened to come across it. My Mom is the one on the left and my Aunt Jill (my name's sake) on the right. I just love this photo.


you better know what you're fighting for

Today I started thinking.

Today it felt like I had the next year of my life figured out. I know the exact classes to take and the exact days to take them. I know what days I'll work and what shows I'll be working on. I know I'll graduate in 2012. I know a lot of things but the things I don't know.

Today I thought that the next year could bring me a baby. But today I thought the next year could... not.

Today I thought more about grad school. What program I would do, what schools I could get into, where I would do my internship? Research or counseling? Clinical or community? It's exciting to think about!

Today I thought that 4.5 years hasn't given me a child, but 4.5 years has given me perspective on myself, a solid relationship with my Heavenly Father and my husband. 4.5 years has given me an education.

Today I realized that if 2012 doesn't bring me a baby, another year will.

... and "you and I, we'll be fine." We will be fine. I will be fine.


before i see things the right way up

this is our very old living room: 
this is our very small kitchen: 
this is our dog with very big ears: 

P.S. Before you decide that my new blog header is far too random, bear in the mind that I live in Idaho (and any moose interest I may exhibit is strictly due to the state I live in and not Abercrombie and Fitch.) 


courage, teach me to be shy

I know I should probably post about Christmas and the New Year, but after spending way to long trying to get a dang video to load, I'm super over it.

School started today. The start of my last year of my undergrad, fingers crossed anyway. I just sat in class for 25 minutes with 25 other students until someone came in and said "oh, he isn't here today, class starts Friday" so now I am in the Math department computer lab waiting until 10:15 and my next class starts. Yikes, school really is boring to talk (read) about, huh?

We got a semester pass to the rock gym and I've gone every night since we got it. Which was only 2 nights ago, so don't be too proud. It's kind of a funny dynamic there, like every time we've gone the same dude tells us multiple times "I'm the main route setter" or how the same dude yells tips from the ground when you pause to chalk your hands. It's funny. But I really like it.

Last night we stayed up past our bed time with "just one more episode" of Community. Proclaiming that "it will be our last night to stay up late before school starts!" which we both know is a big lie and we'll probably do the same thing tonight because A. Lando's first class doesn't start until noon and B. we are responsible.

Happy Januray 4th 2012. 2012? I can't believe that happened.