"you're the best!"

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my Arizona girls, Bek, Bryn, Aevy and E (although Bryn spent the majority of her life in Hillsborough and she reminded me this weekend that she is an "Oregon girl") and there is no other way I would have wanted to spend it. I love these littles so much my heart hurts just thinking about them. They are the funniest, the cutest, the sweetest, and the best.

I also spent my Memorial Day weekend eating. I can't really decide if my next sentence should be said in pride or shame? Tia Rosas (Thanks Lines!) Liberty Market, Thai Chile, Bahama Bucks, and Postino East. I'm going with pride.  But I didn't gain a pound thanks to Bryn, I dare you to try and keep up with that girl for longer than 10 minutes.

Miss you already my Arizona girls.


this is the email i got today

"Dear Student,
Based on your number of earned credits, you have been identified as one who may be approaching completion of your BYU-Idaho degree requirements.  Therefore, we remind you of the upcoming graduation application deadlines..."

Happy dance in the living room? I think yes. HOLLER. 


it's only a card game, but i'm feeling an odd chill in the air!

Summer Saturdays are for sleeping in, yard work, morning walks for donuts, not doing homework, spinach salad, friends, friends-with-dogs, and winning losing at rook. (Dang you Hollie, dang you...)

Blogging is for remembering typical days like today.  


i'll be waitin' for you at the kitchen door

One could easily say I have an oddly shaped nose. And when I was younger, my thoughts matched that sentiment. It wouldn't be a stretch to say I could have been heard echoing the words of Amy March "it's not like being stuck with the dreadful nose you get." My mother has a gracefully turned up nose and my sister a small, feminine nose. I never liked my own.

Until one morning, in Parawon Utah, in my great-grandmothers house I woke before the sun and tip-toed my way up the basements stairs. My Grandpa John was washing his morning dishes, humming to himself and I saw it. My nose. My Grandpas nose. A Denhalter nose. I said "Good morning, Gramps, I think we might share a nose" and he looked at me and said "My goodness, Katey-did... we do."

And I've loved it ever since.


if ever there was someone to keep me at home, it would be you*

We took a long ride to Mesa Falls on the bike, I sat behind Lando listening to Eddie Vedder* with the sun on my arms & wondered how much better things could possibly get.


but really, viewer discretion advised

Yes, that's a human brain. And yes, those are human eyeballs.

Oh college.


to those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine

Sometimes I forget how spectacular my current occupation is. I'll be hastily walking through the quiet, dimly lit theatre to my next errand and stop... and look up at the stage (^this specific one in particular) ...and think I helped do that (and I got paid for it) The way I received the job offer was quite coincidental. That particular day I happened to peruse my way to the job board online, it was the first time I'd ever looked. Posted that day was a job offer for a "prop assistant." It sounded intriguing. So I marched myself down to the theatre office and handed Judy a resume. In pure happenstance Brother Ray was in said office checking his box and Judy said "this is your girl, Ray" and he said "can you lift 50 pounds?" I replied "Yes." And he said back, in a way only people who know Ray could truly appreciate "are you sure?"

And suddenly I found myself employed in the BYU-Idaho Theatre Department as a prop assistant. Or prop-master. Or prop-mistress. Or properties-mistress. Or prop-tart (I know.) Or really whichever name the theatre professors give me.

My tasks differ from day to day and are, for lack of a better word, completely random. I have a list of props we need for upcoming shows and I either pull it from one of our 2 storage rooms on campus or 3 storage sites off campus, order it online, or make it. Hmn, lets see... in the past I've pulled a taxidermy squirrel (and raccoon for that matter), ordered a used primitive birthing stool, and made an elephant foot umbrella stand. Random, yes?

These photos are from one of our shows last semester, "Enchanted April" (Liz was the lead, and she was magical) It was an equally huge and beautiful set. See that 2nd photo? I spent hours in the woods cutting "monkey vine" to crawl on the castle, chopped limbs to make the tree, hung the camo net and ivy, spray-glued the moss to dress the set, carried that danged statue across campus, pulled that table and those chairs and everything on top, carried every single last one of those plants from storage to stage, and pulled the light fixtures. See that 3rd photo? I gave literal blood, sweat and tears to those chairs as I reupholstered them and filled that brandy glass with flat, watered down ginger ale. (All with direction from the amazing professors and staff in the department and help from tech students and stage managers, of course)

So yes, toot-toot. And yes, I love my current calling.


prospekt, how could i forget

I have two things to say about our Saturday afternoon ride 1- Idaho is pretty. And 2- we got chased by a pug. A pug! Why don't country folk teach their dogs manners?