how kate became a mrs.

i fear my last post may have been a little confusing. it was our 4 year engagement anniversary, just to clear things up. and because the masses are chanting "engagement story! engagement story!" i should probably comply. well that, and who doesn't like talking about their one true love? (lando, in this case) prepare yourselves for a long winded story...

christmas of 06' i went home for 2 weeks. it was the longest lando and i had spent apart in our dating history, all 3 months of it. i opened his present on christmas day and he got me the a&e box set of "pride & prejudice" (that man, such a keeper.) but those who know landon know he has the most horrendous phone etiquette known to man. so after two weeks of a text or two and a few phone calls i was like "hey, i miss that guy!" a really bad new years eve with some really immature boys made me think "hey, i miss that guy!" too.

landon took me on a date my first night back in town. we we're in the movie theatre and all of the sudden i thought "hey, i love that guy!" it was seriously one of those hit-you-over-the-head moments for me. i hadn't asked myself "do i love landon?" until we we're sitting watching a really lame movie and my thoughts began to wander. i wish i could say we we're watching some epic movie like quigley down under or waynes world. but nope, we we're watching "we are marshall" in the theatre eating popcorn (which got like .5 stars in my book, fyi- the movie, not the popcorn) landon must have felt the i-love-you-vibes too because when we stopped at a red light on our way home he turned to look at me (in slow motion of course) and said "kate ... during this pause my mind is running wild with thoughts of little blonde headed babies ... you rock!" kate, you rock? most aggravating/cutest boy alive.

the next night landon took me somewhere sentimental and grabbed me by the shoulders and kind of shook me when he said  "i think i'm falling in love with you." the next night he took me somewhere else sentimental and grabbed me by the shoulders and kind of shook me when he said "i think i want to marry you." i'm taking the nearly violent shoulder shake as a sign of nervousness. and again i declare: cutest boy alive.

so let me remind you that this was january 5th-7th. and yesterday was april 6th. valentines day came and i told my roommates "it'd be kind of lame if he proposed on valentines day." but thinking "please propose on valentines day." we kept on dating. we kept on being in love. he kept saying things like "you rock". then on april 5th he asked if i wanted to go look at rings to which i replied "yes!" all to eagerly i'm sure. we went to a few different places and i pointed out what i liked and what made me want to vomit (yes, sometimes bad wedding rings make me nauseous) he said something like "we'll worry about it in a few months" and we left.

the next day landon invited me with his family to go the the park for an easter egg hunt. as a little 6 month old attempted to play with an easter egg landon handed me one and said with a little smirk "i think this one is yours." i opened it and my ring was inside. he grabbed me by the shoulders and kind of shook me when he said "will you marry me?"

over the last month landon had found me a ring (with the help of his sister) planned the proposal and asked my mom if he could marry me. see what i mean? cutest boy alive. i was totally and completely surprised. (and very happy.)

i spent the next week playing the piano way too much, washing my hands an insane amount of times and painting my fingernails a different color everyday so i could look at my ring more.

phew, don't say i didn't warn you. if you read this you deserve a cookie (or maybe you need a job{or maybe you have a boring one like me}) i wanted to document if after the fact since my journal from this time is filled with "mrs. landon lines" and hearts over the i's.

p.s. my wedding ring did not make me want to vomit, thaaaaaaaank goodness.


The Webbs said...

im so glad you two found each other!! i really dont think i could see you with anyone but him. seriously those boys in hs never had a chance-you hated them all. so many funny memories.

happy happy engagement. what a cute story :) and atta boy asking your mom-where did we find such gentlemen?

you guys are so lucky to have each other :)

lauren said...

i ate the whole thing up. so so wonderful!

kelly said...

(me shaking you) "hey, I liked that story"

brandilyn said...

oh, i love this. you two are perfection. you're the perfect match. your kids are going to love this story someday...i love it because i can totally picture landon shaking you by the shoulders.

Liz-a-nator said...

YAY! I love this too! The almost-violent shoulder-shaking is my favorite part. =) Passion makes almost-violent-shoulder-shaking fools of us all.

Miss MyKelle J said...

sweetest story ever.

Jeff said...

What a cute story! I love engagement stories and that one is a good one.

communikate. said...

yes. hooray for boring desk jobs that allow me to read aweosome stories like this one.

i love love stories.

maybe one day i'll record graham and i's awkward dating history (i was awkward not him)

Mandy said...

This made me so happy. I love that he kind of shook you. Makes it realistic.

p.s. I'm glad your ring doesn't make you sick :)

Saije Wright said...

This is so sweet. You guys sound perfect together =) Happy four years!

angela hardison said...

that was pretty cute. reading people's real-life love stories is fun.

Chelsea said...

i don't want a job but I'll take that cookie.

loved the story! and you do rock.

mindy said...

So funny! I love it!! Shoulder shake Haha. Love the way you tell stories

Kelli said...

I remember you coming home and telling us you were engaged!!! We all started horraying like little girls...then I cried at your reception. I was so scared to start loosing all my friends. haha...so glad you found lando!

robin said...

ring shopping = barf.
most rings = barf.

the thought of ring shopping made me want to vomit. so we didn't do it!

anyway, enough about me. love the story and i will take my cookie, thank you.

carla thorup said...

"kate, you rock!" is so classic awkward cute guy and i love that he said that to you.

i love that he proposed with an easter egg!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

I like that story. And I especially like the two beautiful people it's about.