cupcake, love-dove and my little eden

portland was perfect. activites included-

meeting little e for the first time. cupcakes 5-year-old bash. lots of kisses for aevy. spending all day in my pj's with bek. walks to the park. stories from cupcake. jokes from michael. yummy meals. driving the wrong way down a one-way street. getting lost in the coolest part of down-town portland. dinner at the original. goodwill and gap sprees. the hawthorne district. and lots of relaxing.


it sounds a echo in my soul

portland  has my heart/ and the three little girls that live here. i really don't think i've been anywhere more beautiful.wednesday to sunday is just not long enough


she's a skyline

i auditioned on tuesday! this is the second play i've ever auditioned for so i'm crossing my fingers for any part. i'd be happy to be singing behind a door.

i got really nervous. shaking, stuttering, awkward vibrato, the whole deal. and on stage i felt so, so, so, so, so tall and like my monkey arms were awkwardly swinging. isn't that weird? that was all i could think about. but i'm happy i did it, happy it's over and excited to hear the results
i picked this picture for three reasons. one: i liked the lighting, i'd been messing with some settings i don't usually use, and i was pleasantly surprised. two: it fit the "i felt so tall-monkey arm" thing, notice the sleeves aren't long enough? three: the shirt and skirt were thrifted! hooray!