carry this picture for luck

first time using my new table cloth with my dishes. i must say, i was happy with the outcome.
first day of school. it was interesting.... as community college usually is.... but i can't help but love it. love the 50+ year old lady that is there 15 minutes early with her roller suitcase and all her books laid out on the desk. (she is probably wearing a *visor) or the "hard-core" girl. with the *star tattoos on her elbows, and black hair, she won't look or talk to anyone. or the 20 something year old. the loud one, wearing matching *PINK sweat shorts and tank top. i'm a people watcher.
*no offense to visors, start tattoos on elbows, or PINK sweat shorts. okay, just offense to PINK sweat shorts.
first time making salmon. yum.
first day at a new job. its amazing. i am with 4 year olds, with speech problems. needless to say its the funniest thing ever. they are so adorable. i am sure i'll have many, many stories to share.
first time, in a long time, that i've gone running every morning this week. i forget how good it feels.
firsts are good
/happy birthday! i hope you have the best day ever. your the best mom i know. (everyone thinks that about their mom, but my mom really is) you have the coolest name around. you introduced me to diet coke. everything you do, you do with feeling. (refer to picture below) l loves you, he said on the way home "i like giving your mom a hard time, she takes it like you do" i guess thats a good thing. your the most amazing person i know, i hope i can be half the woman you are. you are beautiful, amazon women, (thanks for that) you know how to snag the good lookin men. dad and elden. your house is perfect. (your shrine is even better) your laugh is the best thing i've ever heard. you've got mad skills, thanks for teaching me the "ultimate dance" i don't know what else to call it, but you know what i mean. 1,2,3,4.... now shimmy..... alternate!... you make the best biscuit's and gravy ever (sorry elden) okay, you make the best anything ever. you've got killer style, really. you dress 10+ cuter then i do, and you've got a rockin' bod! i've always been able to tell you things, even in highschool, you've always been my best friend. we get along so well. you've always been an example to me on how to handle things, on how to treat others, on how to teach, pray, eat, listen, walk, watch, love, and laugh. i love you mom.
happy birthday "momther" you are the best.


p.s. sorry your cake was so healthy... and cute.


if you were the ocean, i'd learn to float

/this is my favorite person in the whole world. he is asleep, and i am thinking that my life without him doesn't really make sense anymore. i'll admit, i'm smitten at the sight of him. he's unassumingly charming, aggravatingly calm, beautifully motivated, amazingly in-tune, and mostly in love.

happy birthday landito.