twenty seven and a pair of red wings

Happy 27th Birthday (yesterday) to the best man I know.

We celebrated with homemade cinnamon rolls, an afternoon nap, a pair of Red Wings and fishing stuff (because apparently when you turn 27,  you really turn 87) and homemade ice cream in the park with friends.

I'm sure glad this dude was born. And seriously this picture? Ohhh my lanta he is attractive.


stay all summer

I'm over at A Fancy Day today you know... being fancy. DebsFreckles sent me this cool dress and it's quickly become a favorite (Debbie, you're the best!)

Happy Friday friends!


the sole reason we are the favorite aunt and uncle

I stumbled across these yesterday while cleaning out my picture folder (does anyone else feel the need to do this far too often?) they were taken almost a year ago, right when we first got Burry. She continues to be the quirkiest and littlest dog on the block (literally and figuratively.) We sure like this little pup, except for her odd desire to jump in the shower and much on bars of soap. What the heck, Burry?


summer break is bueno

this week:

I cut bangs, Lando continued growing a beard (yes!), we hit the drive-in movies like a couple-a 50's teenagers, we stayed up until 2:00 am doing impressions of each other, we barbecued with friends, we date-nighted with friends, Lan finally talked me into going fishing with him (and I caught a fish within the first 5 minutes so we thought things were going well... but then I almost got mauled by a beaver) we climbed, we swam, we hiked, we painted apartments, we ate copious amounts of peach ice cream...

The bottom line here is we we've been wildly irresponsible and it's been awesome. We do what we want! (Well I do what I want, Landon faithfully devotes a few hours a day studying for next semester, that weirdo.) 

The other bottom line is we've now perfected the art of midnight snacking.


do you guys want any pie?

We just rolled in from a 2 day hiking trip and the first thing I wanted to do (after showering thankfully for Lando) was look at the photos so I could feel like I was still there, maaaaaan this was a good trip. We headed out yesterday after church with our friends Tyler and Heather and hiked to lower palisades lake and set up camp for the night. We ate a solid meal of red curry from a cup and hot tamales and called it a night. (I tossed and turned all night convinced a bear would surely eat us in our sleep!) We got up and hiked to the upper lake, swam in the too cold water to a little island in the middle of the lake, fell asleep in the sun, fed chipmunks chex mix, SAW THREE MOOSE! and headed out. I really wished we would have planned to stay another day. I would say this is the prettiest place we've been in Idaho. The whole hike was along a river that led to the most amazing blue-green lakes, the wildflowers and vegetation we're practically overtaking the trail. My only qualm is that we should have brought more candy and I wish these photos did this place justice. 

(Here I am, typing up this blog post, my legs feel like jello and I'm beat. Lando comes in and asks "do you want to go on a walk?" What is wrong with this guy? He's a animal.)


still a man hears what we wants to hear and disregards the rest*

climbing/jumping/swimming at Ririe reservoir where we felt equal parts ecstatic and heartbroken that this is our last summer in Idaho.

(*go listen to this)


looking up from underneath

The last half of our trip was spent in Gilbert with the Lines. The week included the childrens museum with Bek and her girls, lunch with Grandma Lines, lots and lots of Olympic watching with Tim and Lori, swimming with Burry every morning, shopping with Lacey and Lexis, meeting sweet baby Margo, a session at the Mesa Temple, a ride in Tim's fancy new car, missing Laurice and her boys way too much, and an attempt at night splash with Brent and Lacey in which we got totally denied so did some tricks off the diving board instead (Hey Brent! You made the blog!)

We stopped in Flagstaff for a day and night to hang out with Jess, Darrel, and Eli. We went on a hike, perused through downtown Flag, cracked up at Eli, had THE BEST thai food and stayed up late talking and eating muddy-buddys.

The next morning we took off to Cedar City and saw my cousin Nick play Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird in the Utah Shakespeare Festival. (watch a clip from his show here. No really, go watch it.) My 14 year old cousin Nick, mind you. We we're so blown away by his performance. I am beyond glad we got to see it and I bawled like a baby throughout most of it. We got to visit with my Uncle Matt's family, my Uncle Scot, and my Denhalter grandparents.

We like Arizona. And our family. (And our own bed, turns out.)


here, old friends

We got home yesterday afternoon from our 2 week trip to Arizona. We spent the first week in Snowflake adoring my Mom's house, eating good food (taco wednesday and thai food with Dad!), swimming in the pond, climbing in the canyon, getting rained out at BBQ's, staying up too late laughing with high school friends, antiquing (more like picking) with my aunt and cousins, watching monsoons on the front porch, visiting with grandma Dixie and grandpa Jim, playing the guitar for grandma Shirley and grandpa Keith, pioneering it up at the 24th celebrations, and watching Aubree Kate choose Lando as the favorite, (as evidenced by the photos above) dang it!