happy halloween!

5 of the 7


i'll trick or treat till' i'm 20/20*

tomorrow is my birthday. yes, i'm turning 20 (gasp!) and yes, i already blew out candles and ate a fat piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. (L family had a par-tay tonight, complete with my birthday tradition; carving pumpkins, halloween birthdays are the shiz.)

silly l already gave me my present too-
hey lando, "i love you like a fat kid loves cake."

*words of wisdom from my cousin, wade, when we were 9. i guess this is that last year for me.


baby j

are you kidding me right now? cutest babe ever. he peed on my like 5 seconds after i took this photo... i forgive him.


i'm dressed for autmn, sadly the sun is not

also sad that my husband hates my boots. don't ask me why.


bow-tie buttons

after watching beautiful losers last weekend, i realized what being creative and an artist really is. the message i, personally, gathered from the movie is that, when you can step back from the world, close your eyes, and become inspired, not by what the world says to be inspired by, but what truly inspires your being, personally, time-lessly, having no "style" or pattern, and be able to feel something only you can feel, and create something only you can create. that is when you truly become an artist... minus a few drug experiments, naked photos and graffiti, of course. i suggest anyone who has the opportunity to see it, goes

p.s. that's my new rug, 60% off at urban. yeeeeeah. and pictures of my house are coming. i want to post em' worse then you want to see em' i'm sure but they are coming. (also, when i re-read my post i realized something, no, i do not think i became an artist by making t-shirts.)


welcome home

our living room.
sometimes my gray is perfect. but, sometimes it's blue.

 ^this is when it's perfect
^do you see those little doors?! they lead to the kitchen and make my heart happy.

isn't it amazing how light can change in a matter of seconds, or based on the location of a closed window or door?

we did find one flaw in our house. the shower head is up to my chin, and up to lans collarbone. so washing our hair proves to be a problem.

i love lando and our house.


front door blue

we are 'officially' moved in. i am pretty sure i left my crock pot in a cupboard, (good thing we have our apartment until november) our house is funny and old and we love it. lan said it reminded him of a grandma's house, and lexis said our closet door's look like lockers (the cream-ish tile flooring probably doesn't help.) mindy is so fabulous, so so so fabulous, and she helped me move and paint aaaalll day monday. i' ve decided moving out is no fun, but moving in is lots of it.
i love our door


it's always cool when...

...a cool cowgirl in a cool truck backs into me in the sam's club parking lot yesterday. then tried to say it was my fault. not so lady, i've got an eye witness. (m, that's you.) needless to say something i thought could never happen did. my already ghetto car, just got a little more ghetto. (broken door handle, big dent, and nice white paint streak across the passenger side.) of course my car did nothing to her truck. now the bumper sticker "silly boys, trucks are for girls", finally makes sense. i think i'll buy a truck. but, only if it comes with a 99% angel- 1% devil licence plate cover.

i've been tagged... three times now. once for 7 random facts, twice for 6 quirks, can i just compromise and do 6 random facts? i just dont think i have that many quirks (haha.)
uno- i can yodel -eh-he-ooh.
two- i'm left handed.
three- i failed the hearing test, twice, in 5th grade. i say "whaaaat?" alot.
four- all my husbands clothes have bleach stains on them. and i mean it, ALL of them.
five- my sister and i unknowingly bought the same doormat, in different states.
six- you know how people say "it's impossible to lick your elbow" ? well, my little sister can.


green bay.

dear october, bring my birthday and move-out day faster please. oh, and please bring cooler weather. i want to wear my boots, (mindy-our boots!!!, they really do deserve three !) oh, october.
dear organization,
your scarce these days. i've bought a coat rack in hopes to be more like you. i'm using a old bookcase as a dresser, old bowls to hold my makeup, and a bird cage to hold scarfs, nails for everyone of my necklaces, and lots of bins to hid in.
dear texas,
please bring keep my husband safe, let every boy shoot a great, big, deer (not really) and bring them back soon.
your's truly,