this is it, can you hear me

I made a very quick, very last minute trip to Arizona last week for baby sisters graduation. My Dad called last week and said "I'm buying you a ticket to come, make it work" (Tim Gunn style? No, but I wish!) ...and I made it work! (Mondo style!) Even though I got sick from lack of sleep and travelling and I'm 3 days behind in classes, I am so glad I got to go. Thanks Dr. Blair (Dr. Blair = Dad, for those confused) I totally surprised my Mom and Laura. Laura literally threw my niece out of her arms in surprise and my Mom bounced and cried from the other side of the room. Best reaction ever. I think Laura likes me better than the Biebs, and that's saying a lot. 

Hey Boris, 97 days! 

re: below photo. How many times have I yelled "awkward hand!" during a photo shoot?! Such a hypocrite!


reaching a fever pitch

Wasn't the world supposed to end today? I was kind of counting on it to get out of the homework I procrastinated while watching LOST this week. In all seriousness, if the world ended tomorrow (or today, like it was supposed to) I think I'd be okay with it. No more stress inducing homework, rude people, finances, jean shopping or bad hair days to worry about? I'm in. I mean, I don't want to die yet, but if we are all going... why not? My Mom went to a "end of the world" yard sale in Tucson yesterday. So if nothing, I got some awesome records out of this end-of-the-world hullabaloo (thanks Mom.)

Call me superficial but there are two things in this world that can make me instantly happy... a good pair of new jeans and getting my hair done. A few weeks ago my favorite jeans ripped when I was putting them on (always a self esteem booster) and there is a void in my heart that needs to be filled with a new pair. I tried on a few yesterday but I just cannot bring myself to spend $100+ on pants! Do you know what I could buy with $100?! Two weeks worth of groceries, our cell phone bill, roughly 95 kit-kats, 115 fountain Diet Cokes, and like half of a text book! ... when I put it that way it kind of starts to seem worth it ... we can eat ramen for two weeks and I don't even like kit-kats ... okay, I'm not going to buy the jeans ... but I want too.

The weeks are flying by. I'm starting to study for mid-terms, it's nearly June and the days are getting longer. Lando leaves for school at 7 and I get up around 7:30-8:00, he always opens the blinds for me when he leaves and I love waking up to the sun coming through my windows. It doesn't get completely dark until 9:30. I love the long days because it means summer is coming.

We went kayaking and canoeing with friends last Friday on an 80 degree day. 80 degrees! Heaven! I wore shorts and got a sunburn. I know I'm not (and will never be) an official Idahoan because I still get so excited when I see moose. We saw two in the river! They are so cute and comical with their big noses, gangly legs and knobby knees. I'm looking forward to getting on the river again, it was my favorite thing we've done in Idaho thus far.

Happy end of May everyone!


instead of doing homework, the lines decided to watch episodes 3-7 of LOST tonight. season one, people! i still feel like i'm watching lord of the rings from merry's perspective, the version where he is a rock god. i'm the worst person to watch movies with. i either quote the whole movie because i think i'm funnier than them or ask one million questions. "did frodo die in the plane crash? how are these men beardless after 8 days on an island?! that does not look like a polar bear! is doctor jack an atheist? homeboy and korean mama are totally into each other, huh? where is the pregnant aussie for episodes 4-6? i'm getting confused." we finally realized that it was way past our bedtime and decided to analyze john locke for about another hour. we are equal parts irresponsible and awkward.


work continues to be entertaining, on saturday i think i met the real life todd packer. a few days ago a lady walked in and asked: "what type of ducks are out there by the river? the ones that look like geese?" me: "geese." 

in other news: i made homemade lar-bars today. thanks to sheena (best food blog ever, guys) and thanks to the bulk section at winco. WINCO = washington, idaho, nevada, colorado and oregon. sorry arizona, but at least you have fresh & easy and trader joes. maybe they could change it to wincoa? but it's pretty much the poor mans rich mans version of food city. any random ingredient / food you've never heard of can be found there. i have this love/hate relationship with winco. if you've been, you know exactly what i mean.  

anyway. they are good. like, really good. i made the mexican and peanut butter version. the consistency was a little off on mine, so i added 1/2 TBS of honey. and i added a handful of dark chocolate chips to both because we're not that healthy. tomorrow i'm making strawberry leather, because i'm 5 years old. 


and the beat goes

all i have to talk about is school.

i figure you don't want to hear about me owning my stats class or not-so-much owning my religion class (don't ask me why, i have no clue. but i did talk to another girl in my class who is feeling the same way and she looks smart so i feel a little bit better) or about the time i ripped my only copy of the take home test so i sat outside my professors office for 45 minutes waiting to jump him for a new one or about me doing at least 3-4 hours of homework everyday and how those 3-4 hours ruined my cinco de mayo or how females on the byu-idaho campus could keep TOMS in business. you don't want to hear about that right?

i didn't think you did.

i need a baby to blog about.


supercross 2011

we love supercross! well, landon loves supercross and because i'm married to him now i love it and before i met landon i knew nothing about it. we took a road trip to SLC to see it this year because we missed last year (c/o idaho) it was seriously so fun. the energy there is insane and it makes for some really funny people watching.

was anyone else there? the main event 450 gave me serious anxiety! when bubba crashed (twice!) on lap 13 i was a nervous wreck! then i kept hoping reed would catch villopoto and that last lap was so close! ah, it was a good year.

meeting travis pastrana + a successful trip to supercross + banburry cross donuts in salt lake = the best weekend of landos life.

year 2007 and 2009 supercross.


this picture is really all you need to know about this weekend

ignore that fact that we both look kind of scary, it was midnight, okay?

we were eating dinner last night in SLC and travis pastrana and jim dechamp were eating right next to us. no big deal, right? BIG deal for that husband of mine. trav is seriously one of lando's very favorites (nick name basis, people. does t-dawg work?) travster was sitting with his back to the restaurant and we (tyler) jumped him for a picture right as he was leaving. then like 5 other people asked him after they realized it was him. he probably hates us now, crap.

oh, and his girlfriend totally had the same jacket as boris (my sister) go lars!

why am i such a dork about meeting famous people? it's sooooooo lame.