denmark to rexburg

We're currently in the valley of the sun spending as much time as possible with our families. On our way to AZ we spent a day and a night in Moab hiking, swimming, and staying in a slightly-sketchy hostel. The results are in, we like Moab. (We like monsoons in Moab even more.) 

 (I can't ever get over how pretty it is there)
(Tired and dirty and slightly worried about where we were laying our heads for the night. Really though? Hostels are where it's at... if you can get past the community bathrooms and all)


don't cover yourself in thistles or weeds

I took my last final this afternoon! To celebrate I went for a run and worked in our ^garden. Because hey! I have time for stuff like that now. This break is much-needed and well-deserved. I've got big plans for the 7 weeks I have off. They mostly include walking the dog, reading a few books, and doing whatever the heck I want, BIG PLANS people.


too dark hair and inadvertently matching on a sunday

Well with all this activity in blog-land you'd never know it was finals week. I've always been really good at avoiding important things. So, go me!


and collect your hope

-Rainy Saturday at Cave Falls (Yellowstone!) We dragged Laura away from homework for the outing, she leaves in 4 days and I can't really deal with it. In other news... Burry is terrified of cattle.


somewhere on a flood plain

I don't really want to write about 2 tests and 3 finals, my senior project presentation, the blister on my foot from my beloved Minnetonkas, that I dyed my hair way too dark today, doing "check-outs" and "check-ins" for 21 girls, that I'm a ME widow, staining my favorite shirt today, the fact that my face obviously thinks I'm a 12 year old, that instead of doing homework today Laura and I ordered pizza and watched Grey's Anatomy, or that Burry is going through a devil-dog phase.

I'll spare you and just show you this^ photo of some pretty flowers from our garden. 


#awkward hands

I have this uncanny knack to spot awkward hands in every photo I take and promptly correct it. However, I also have this uncanny knack to have awkward hands in nearly every photo taken of me. 

It's a gift, really. 

This is my Mom and 2 of my sisters making fun of me for it. Oh well, at least I'm the tallest!

My brother Joe told my Mom that when he is overly stressed and overly tired sometimes his insanely sweet (and practically perfect wife) points at him and annoyingly says "haaaaaa-haaaaaaa!" Oh Chelsea, I always knew I loved you! 

So sisters, I'm the tallest... haaaaaa-haaaaaaa! 


sister or babe

My Momma, Bek, Bryn, Aevyn, and Eden left early this morning. It was a nearly perfect 3 days spent. The perfect parts included swimming in the snake river, mesa falls, porter park, warm river, cotton candy, g's dairy, packsaddle lake, fireworks, the taco bus, taking Bryn climbing for the first time, and smores on a perfect sunday evening. And the not-so-perfect parts included some girl throwing up in the hotel pool while we we're swimming. 

We miss you already fam.