just say hello to the ground*

a few things:

1. this week i tried to add up how many miles i've ran with my trusty sauconys, close to 1000! they've covered a lot of pavement. the next pair i buy i'm going to keep track of how many miles exactly.

2. it's 63 degrees today! i instantly forgave rexburg for it's awful winter and we're on speaking terms again.

3. i seriously wish i hadn't cut my bangs. they're in that awkward stage already and i'm having regrets. i realized i'm turning into one of those girls who is way too attached to their hair, but with good reason! it takes a long time to grow it out!

4.  i changed my major yeah, again. one of my goals for twenty-ten was to pick a major and stick with it. well, i did for all of 2010 so if i change it in 2011 i'm okay, right? i'm officially a psychology major and will graduate as one! don't believe me? well, believe it when you see it, baby. instead of a minor i'm doing two "clusters" one in theatre and one in musica. my education has proved to be like a bad day of what-to-wear. you know when you put on an outfit, it's eh, so you try on nearly everything in your closet and end up walking about the door in the first outfit you put on thinking how easy (and less messy) it would have been if you'd just stayed in it? that's my education. i started as a psychology major, spent a brief period entertaining the idea of special education, jumped to music, switched to art, declared secondary art ed, then back to psychology for good. some call me wishy-washy.

5.  i have to work all weekend. boo. but tomorrow we're getting up early and going rock climbing, it's one of the few things i'll wake up early for.

6. i'm really glad general conference is this weekend.

7. this morning i woke up to lando listening to a *ben kweller radio station, he was singing along as he shaved, me gusta.

happy weekend, weekend.


communikate. said...

a coupla things.

we are trying to score tix to ben kweller this weekend.
(he's just so fun to see live!)

i forgave portland this week too, and wanted to cry when that sun finally rose in the sky high and war.


you shoes have 1,000 miles?! do you think if you lent them to me i could just run? you know run.. not huff puff.. walk. walk. jog. stop.. oh man i'm out of shape. walk. walk. jog?

happy weekend k-lines.

communikate. said...


"warm" not "war."

Brittany said...

choosing a major is way too stressful. as soon as you pick you realize all of the things you could have picked but didn't. shoot.

brandilyn said...

i do that outfit thing all. the. time.

Becca said...

you are too funny, I can relate to so many things in this post!

I hope I run into you sometime around campus!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ha, love #7. and ben kweller.

The Webbs said...

kate, thank you for reminding me to call the insurance on my shoes, done! did you beat yours up before you sent them back?

glad you are happy with your choice :) and if it changes again (if your like me, its why we are friends) then you will be well rounded!

so happy its conference too!!

tori b. said...

a. i love ben kweller.
and b. i'm jealous of the psychology major. that would be so so great. what are you wanting to do with that degree?

jilliann said...

I graduated with a psych degree, love love love psychology! stick to it, it's such a broad field you can really tap into a lot of areas!