light on my sight

read: jane eyre at least once, but probably twice in your life
watch: the brothers bloom
eat: red curry
wear: a skirt grocery shopping
call: your grandmother
write: your autobiography
listen: to 311* again
go: jogging
don't: eat three pieces of pizza before a jog

*landon got into my car and a 311 cd came on. he said he's never been more proud


carry the reminder

no matter how many hours i spend thinking about it or how many times it hits me over the head; a theory i don't think i'll ever understand is how things never ever go the way i plan. i don't know if anything has ever happened the way i pictured it to happen. fortunately, i'm okay with it. a theory i've always understood is that things happen for a reason.

landon and i made a list of things to do in idaho this summer. i called it our "hippie list of idaho" because we planned on spending the summer camping every weekend and never cutting our hair.

i changed the name of our list to "hippie list of arizona" we'll be spending our summer working 4x10's, driving my parents crazy, camping every weekend and never cutting our hair. similar list, different state.


songbird in the house

yesterday, my sister and i started the 3 hour drive from mesa to snowflake & arrived over 24 hours later. (lots of brake lights, phone calls to george & a shady hotel) i don't really want to talk about it...

but, this morning i ran for a long time. soaked in my mom's claw foot bathtub while watching sense and sensibility & eating *crushed ice & a candy bar.

& now i feel better.


falling slowly and i can't go back

i'm cleaning and packing for arizona. sunshine and flats sound really nice. jogging without a jacket, beanie, scarf, gloves and wool socks sounds really nice. meeting e sounds really nice. bitz pizza sounds really nice. staying up talking to my sisters sounds really nice. missing the husband doesn't sound really nice. a 4 1/2 bus ride + 2 hour plane ride doesn't sound really nice, either. but, arizonay sounds really nice.