haaaaaaaaaaaaappy weekend everyone! hooray, hooray! i'm excited about it! it's been a good week.

-started my new job! front desk at the hilton. good hours: check. pays more then anywhere in the burg: check. works with my school schedule? check and cha-ching!
-put a rental deposit down on a town home here. it's adorable so i'm happy. it has a garage so lando is happy. we got a seriously smokin' deal on it so we are both happy.
- i talked to my mother-in-law today. i love her. we talked about "quigley down under", baking cakes and fossil fuels.
-i thought i could maybe pull off these high waisted pants ^ but landon's face when he came home proved that i could not. then he called me "grandma lines" for like 3 hours. hahaha. but he bought me those shoes for christmas so i forgive him.

this weekend we:
-are going to the library.
-are having a $5 pizza/parks&rec on netflix date (why didn't you ever tell me how hilarious this show is?!)
-landon is changing the oil in both cars tomorrow... my little mechanic.
-making thai food for friends on sunday. making dinner for people has made me nervous ever since i gave landon salmonella poisoning and he was in the hospital for 10 hours. just kidding! it was only 4 hours.
-going swimming at a pool heated by a hot spring. whaaaaaa?
-hanging out with our long-lost-friends ty and ali. (we miss you guys.)


monkey at the gym

this will be in correspondence with my sisters last post.

i tried the highly popular zumba for the first time on tuesday. i arrived early and stood timidly towards the back of the classroom, really having no idea what to expect. something that sounded like shakira blasted over the speakers and this little latino with a mic started dancing in the front of the classroom. i tried my best to follow along and for a while i was looking at her rather than myself in the mirror. but before long i caught a glimpse of my monkey arms swinging wildly about without any restraint. i hit the girl behind me more times then i could count. i am so........ american. everything the instructor did looked like some sexy latin dance, while everything i did looked like a peppy cheerleader or a sad attempt at the jive. i went with a friend and i tried never to make eye contact with her because i was so awkwardly flailing about. to make things better, the room was filled with fair-faced-freshman students who blushed when the latino really started shaking her booty. i was dripping in sweat (always cute) but that could have been from embarrassment, i'm not sure.

surprisingly, i went again tonight.

bad example, the hindenburg

this year i decided to document more on my blog, like the things we actually do. yeah, i blogged a lot last year, but it was all about my feelings, boring. so here it goes-

my faith in the burg restaurants has been restored! we went to the taco bus last night. we literally ate a taco in a bus (well, i ate a quesadilla) there was a spanish soap opera playing at the front of the bus. and it was amazing. and i want to go back tonight. and all i can think about today is apple soda. mmmmmmm. we went with the nielsons and the haynes, they are good people, we like them. the nielsons had to cut out early but after we went to the haynes for rootbeer floats. while the boys golfed, played flight simulator and watched you-tube videos on how to melt gold (really) brandilyn and i talked for FOUR hours! we didn't leave until well after midnight... sorry guys.


i call him lando, lan or landito-bandito. he's my husband and yes, 95% of the time he has this smirk on this face. what use to be a cause of worry to me is the fact that there are times where we don't have one serious conversation all day. he is the funniest person alive... and the cutest...and today he made dinner.

i never answer call from numbers i don't know. but since i had an awesome interview on friday and they said they'd call me sometime between then and monday i answered one today. i said a rather perky "hello?" hoping it was them, nope. it was my bishop asking me to talk next sunday. that's the meanest trick ever.

i realized this week that there a couple things i can't say no to, five dollar pizza and jcrew's additional 40% off sale and free shipping. don't those two go together nicely? i think yes.


she's craft-aaaaay

i've been to "hobby town" waaaaaaaaaay more times then i'd like to. landon could spend hours there, he's loved that store since he was a kid. he was way into RC trucks for a while, then RC airplanes for a while, then flight simulator for a while. so imagine lando's excitement when he saw a big building and sign that read "hobby lobby coming soon!" he called me right away to tell me about it and how huge the building was, he came home and figured out exactly what day it would open. he waited excitedly for the "grand opening!" the hundreds of mormon mom's storming the doors didn't tip him off that this store was not quite what he thought... but the floral section that hits you in the face when you walk in did. he called me, totally defeated and totally scammed.

and i'm just going to say it- i hate hobby lobby! i'll yell it from the roof tops! it gives me serious anxiety. hobby lobby, it's not you it's me, i'm just not craft-fabulous (and it's a little bit you.)

*beasite boys>hobby lobby. 10 points if you know what i mean.


his and mine are the same

while usually i am okay with/salute the cold^ today i'm going to complain about it. because;

a. 95% of the people who read this blog live in arizona and don't have to shovel snow, get ice off their windshield or turn their car on 15 minutes before leaving the house.
b. my snow boots gave me a blister.
c. i slipped on ice today and i'm pretty peeved about it.
d. it's zero degrees right now.

valid reasons to complain, right? right. all i need to say is i'm pretty sick of snow and cold noses and i'm really ready for summer and i feel sorry for myself because summer is like... 6 months away. okay, complaining done.

onto happier subjects;

i finished pride and prejudice last week and moved onto wuthering heights by emily bronte on monday. i'd never read it and it is amazing. i'll admit, the first few chapters confused me because i thought the speaker was a woman, but once i cleared that up i got into it. (like stay-up-until-1:00-am-reading into it.) i may or may not have had a nightmare about the ghost/dream/kathy/windowpane/blood/small-freezing-child-hand-grabbing-onto-him-thing. but it's all good. favorite lines so far?

"it would degrade me to marry heathcliff now; so he shall never know how i love him: and that, not because he's handsome, nelly, but because he's more myself than I am. whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same; and linton's is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire." (chapter nine)


it is a truth universally acknowledged

i'm off track this semester so in between catching up on laundry and looking for a job (in this jobless town) i decided to read some of the classics (and re-read and maybe even re-re-read.) you see- i can't think of anything in the past few years that i've read that's made me feel the way pride and prejudice or jane eyre does, truly. so here is the list, including but not limited to:

1. pride and prejudice
2. alice in wonderland
3. gone with the wind
4. little woman
5. the three musketeers
6. the great Gatsby

i already started pride and prejudice... oh that book...

"my dear mr. bennett," said his lady to him one day, "have you heard that netherfield park is let at last?"
mr bennett replied that he had not.
"but it is," returned she; "for mrs. long had just been here, and she told me all about it."
mr. bennet made no answer.
"do you know want to know who has taken it?" cried his wife impatiently.
"you want to tell me, and i have no objection to hearing it."
this was invitation enough.

...and that's just the first page.


like to be called

my word for 2011 is peace.

"peace i leave with you, peace i give unto you; not as the world giveth, give i unto you. let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid." john 14:27

that's right, 2011. let's make it the best yet.