happy birth day

Brigham Paul was born today with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. My family has been gathered at the hospital all day sending me updates every few minutes. "her water broke" - "contractions every 5 minutes" - "dilated to an 8" - "she's starting to push"... that last one got me. I felt a sudden wall of nervousness hit me. I think more nervous than I've ever been in my life. I prayed and prayed and prayed and waited for the next news "he's here, he cried" then "he's pink and weighs 7 pounds!" - "they're transporting him to the other hospital, Joe is with him" - "he's in surgery" between texts of updates and photos of him I got "his heart stopped beating, pray hard" followed by worried phone calls and lots of tears. a long 30 minutes later he was stabilized, out of surgery and in the ICU. Now he has to make it through the night...

...you can do it Baby Brigham, you're a fighter, you have so many people rooting for you. And if I never get to meet you, your Aunt Kate and Uncle Landon love you more than you know.  


any time you like

Rexburg is winning in the Fall department (although there was that one day last week it decided to snow...?) I do have to say all you Arizonians are cute throwing around words like "autumn" and phrases like "sweater-weather." It's sort of like when Rexburgites throw around words like "sun" in April.

And I am losing in the blogging department. Obviously. Can you guess what I'm going to blame it on? It rhymes with cool... or fool...