maybe i think you're cute & funny

Film of The Hunger Games (round 2) and sea foam green pants,
in St. Anthony Idaho
post edit: I just realized just how much my first photo looks like Whitney's last photo. Colored jeans, big sweater, oxfords, on my toes? Embarrassing. I told her I must have been subconsciously copy-cating her. It's a form of flattery, right?


patterned specifically to yours

These are some film photos of a Sunday picnic and particularly competitive game of croquet with the Warnicks. Holly won the first round and I won the second. So... you know. I was so anxious to get the photos back from this roll and disappointed when only a few turned out how I had imagined them. Well, better luck next time.


i'm on the edge of glory

We spent the better part of today hiking and climbing.
And I looked like Lady Gaga the whole time.


sung by a lady

Everyday last week was nice and warm-ish and then the weekend decided stink and ruin all of our plans (I know it's silly to talk about the weather when you choose to live somewhere, but still, when I saw snow outside my window this morning I was not a happy camper) but we improvised.
Friday we were in bed at 10:00 and at 10:05 decided to deep clean our house and do 2 loads of laundry, and at 11:30 decided to take Burry on a 2 mile walk. Quite a randomly-productive Friday night.
Saturday I worked, I had to strike the set for "over the river" (which is so funny and so heartwarming and I literally laughed and cried.) My dear friend directed it as a student production and two dear friends were in it. I was so proud of them. Saturday night I went on a date with Laura and her roommate to Winco in IF. When your married to a ME major that is what your Saturday night dates look like.
Sunday we went to our friends Ryan and Lisa's house for dessert and some baby time. They have, hands down, thee most adorable 6 month old baby boy named Nelson. You seriously wouldn't believe how beautiful this baby is. I rocked him to sleep and sang him lullabies and could not wait to sing to my own. Late last night I made homemade Lara Bars via the little red house (still my favorite food blog ever) I love when something only has 4 ingredients and tastes that good. We'll be eating them all week. The photos are of cocoa, it's pretty, no?
(1&1/2 cup whole pitted dates, 3ish cups of almonds, 2 TBS cocoa and a pinch of salt in a food processor until it makes a paste then form)

Happy Monday! And BYU-I students! Only 2 weeks left of classes!


i'm down

I am not a crafty person. I would consider myself artistic (can you say that about yourself?) but not crafty. I've expressed my feelings (and apparently Landon's) towards Hobby Lobby and after spending the last 2 hours making cake stands for our relief society party tonight I can say I've hit my 5 year quota of craftiness. a plate + a cup/bowl/vase + epoxy = the limit of craft I can handle.

Now, what am I supposed to do with 11 cake stands?


come at once, if convenient. if inconvenient, come all the same

Unsuccessful events this weekend:
-A cold and windy Sunday picnic. We saw the sun shining through the windows at church and plotted out a lazy afternoon eating sandwiches and laying on a blanket. We admittedly jumped the gun.
-Bumping into someone in the hall and saying "I underestimated your girth" whaaaaaaat? I really hope she didn't hear me.
-My attempt at homemade oreos. I've made them a handful of times but today was a total bust.

Successful events this weekend:
-A sunny Saturday hike. Half way was unsuccessful because I left the water bottle somewhere on the trail and we had to re-hike our steps to find it. But we found it so, success!
-Finally seeing Sherlock Holmes. I am not an action-movie fan by any means but I've never met a Sherlock Holmes I didn't like. I am going to officially state that this one beat the first.
-A Sunday evening walk once the wind settled down a bit.
-Setting the alarm clock right in regards to daylight savings and 3-11, waking up to "brainstorm, take me away from the norm..." was not a bad way to wake up. Double success via the alarm clock.
-Look! The borders are gone. What, what? (Thanks Jules)


new slang

We cannot take sunny days in the Burg for granted right now (well ever, really. SAD is a real thing, guys) because we are headed to Zions Park in 31 days. Burry is still as small as ever (I really don't think she's grown in 6 months!) and kind of a wimp, little does she know her world is going to be rocked when she tries to keep up with us hiking all day, every day. We are trying to take her on as many walks as possible before then. Poor thing has no clue whats coming for her.

Landon changed his emphasis to Geology (well more technically, mining and petroleum) last week, it's the exact move he needed to make to hopefully land him his *current dream job, but when he came home from sorting it all out he said he was excited because he "really likes rocks!" And he really does! Every time we drive past a rock shop in Utah (why are there so many there?) he wants to stop. He's wanted a rock tumbler for years (and a telescope, but that has nothing to do with this.) He's a funny guy.

*I say current because he always has something new he wants to do up his sleeve, I think he could find a lot of dream jobs. He has about a million ideas of "side jobs" to do from our non-existent garage. Everything from dirt bike repair to palm tree maintenance to making prosthetic limbs (I am so serious.) I like that about him though, he always has a project or idea. Anyone who knows him can attest to that, he is constantly tinkering with something.

We started going to a family ward in January, as opposed to a student ward and we both got callings a few weeks ago. I got called to the Relief Society Activity Board and Landon got called to teach the 6 year olds in Primary. I am so jealous. Like really jealous. He comes home with the funniest stories about nerdy kids and I have to go to Sunday School alone.

Happy Thursday!

p.s. does anyone know about the small mirror border around my photos? In only shows up in Google Chrome and I don't like it. Any tips?


this whole city's black and white

I've wanted a picture of the Snowflake Temple in my house for so long (well, as long as I've been married) but never could find one I loved. Tori  painted this for me a few weeks ago. I love it. It's perfect. I am so happy.

Meanwhile, I am overwhelmed with school. Surprised? I have officially checked out of this semester and just hoping to keep my head above water for the next 4 weeks. In this marathon that is my bachelors degree I'm on mile 22, .........so.........close......... just.....keep.....going.....