boys becoming men, men becoming wooooooolves!

we had a good halloween. when landon strolled out with a stache i laughed for about ten minutes straight. i worked on my hair for 20 minutes (as opposed to 5) i teased and sprayed, seriously, how do girls get their hair so big? i think that was the only part of my costume that wasn't legit. thanks mike and mindy for the par-tay.

can you guess what we are?


an odd autumn

a few facts:

-landon, olive and i are moving right after Christmas (go byui!)
-this baby^ is perfect
-my last photo spots open before we move are here
-A Christmas Carol my play plays december 3-5


standing up in a nook

did we self-time a family portrait after church yesterday? why yes, we did. do we consider our dog part of the family? why yes, we do. we are totally "those people."


i feel it all

some updates-

*we both anticipated this to be an easy semester, we both found it wasn't.

*after three years of begging lan to go running with me (no really, begging) he finally broke down and bought some nikes.

*olive comes running as well. we love her.

*being in utah in the fall was perfect, being in my grandmothers house in utah was even more perfect.

*i got a part in the play. it's so dorky, and i've loved every minute of it.

*we're getting a new nephew halloween day! and bek is moving home in less then three weeks!

*haaaaaaaaaaaapy friday



could someone show this to g&g? correct me if i'm wrong, but i think learning how to check their voicemail, would come before learning how to check a blog.


^this is my little notebook that i always carry with me. i write thoughts, poems, lines of songs i like, funny things i hear strangers say. landon says it's my "crazy book" because someday when our kids read it they'll know i was crazy. good thing he is the only person i let read it. the dead grass in the picture makes me happy, october is here. we've had the windows open every night for a week. the hum of trains and landon's deep breathing pull me to sleep.

my sweet great-grandma passed away peacefully last night. she was 100 years old, born on christmas day, named christmas carol, married a movie star, mothered my grandma karen, grand-mothered my dad, let me play dress up with her clothes, was always good for 50 cents, a snow cone and a very funny face, made the best sourdough bread i've ever had, played frisbee and went fishing well into her 90's. last thursday she told my grandma, "i quit." i'll miss my gammy, but happiness prevails