cause' you and i are changing with the seasons

the whole m.i.a. thing was trumped when i saw this face, and felt the weather.
i'm loving this whole spring break thing. i woke up at 8:00, went running, did laundry, edited a batch of photos, made lando lunch, went to the DMV*,went grocery shopping**,
spent the afternoon racing mini dirtbikes in the desert with j & c. watched
law and order with lan in bed while eating popcorn. seriously, i'm loving it.
*we got a new car! my father-in-law found us a crazy good deal through his work. he even went and picked it up for us in vegas, i know, we owe him one.
**actual grocery shopping, usually its a quick stop on my way home from a shoot. i come home to unpack the groceries and realize i've got nothing but cosmic brownies and some chicken. but i still managed to spend the same amount. it could also be i'm usually talking to a sister on the phone, that can be distracting.


that boy who loves me

reason 2565 why i love this boy: he rocks a suit.


baby r


 my niece and all her faces. love this baby girl.