can't ever figure out how to love, how to love

Photos from the farmers market last weekend where I officically became that girl. You know, the one with the dog in her purse? Yeesh.


i know more then i knew before

We are happy. Things are good. Our dog is weird. Really weird. 

(p.s. Her name is Burry. I know it's random, but it's okay, I promise) 


we are suckers

...just filling the kid-less void, ya know!? We are dog people. And by we I mean Landon. She's a boston terrier and she is awesome. Apparently we go through dogs, houses, jobs and degree changes like most people go through oil changes (although going through dogs was never by choice. Sad, sad, sad. Better luck this time.) I know your all extremely worried about me and my indecisiveness so allow me to put your mind at ease. Pup is an inside dog so no worries of cars hitting her, we signed a 2 year contract to manage so we are here to stay, I am working on campus again and my degree WILL be psychology and I WILL graduate when the plans says! So help me...
Wait, that means I just jinxed myself, huh? Crap.