not a big deal but,

team L: 2
team d: 0
better luck next time. at least you were good sports.

i didn't want to hold my fish. but i figured a cordial thumbs up would work.
(look how excited lan is that his wife caught a fish!)


cool down, down*

some weekend in october. fisheye lens.
somewhere like this is usually where our weekends go.
things are going good for us. school consumes our lives. he is m,w, f and i am t,th. so you can imagine how often we get to see each other. that's why sunday is so lovely, we get to sleep in, he makes breakfast and it's christmas music playing on the i-home to finish up the year. he loves school, he comes home with a new adventure from flying. he lived through his first solo flight. i made him say what he has to say to request a land. its really cute... niner and all that stuff. i kind of like him. do i love school? not so much, this semester is painfully boring, as in i just finished a 10 page research paper on the chinese economy boring, and no, thats not an lie. i know everything there is to know about toxic fish farming and illegal logging projects..... your already asleep huh? that's how i feel. (but yay me! it only took me 2 weeks or so to finish) that's how our days go. lots of homework, but really i love it. i don't care to drive a 92' honda, or live in a funny old house, i like being poor, i think its kind of fun.
thats news for the hour. or month.
*american boy. (kayne west and a lady?) i like this song. ha, i am only semi-embrassed to admit that.


boots &..

...sisters, & sweaters, & cold noses & lots of snl quotes.
i just rolled in from a utah trip, 12 hours of driving doesn't exactly suit my fancy, coming home to a not-home-working-husband doesn't either. don't worry bewrecka, plenty more pictures where these came from. (just kidding! but really serious.)

it just looks cold.