there's plenty here to do

my tom's came in last week & they are currently the only thing i want to wear.


so called plans

we we're moving to north dakota come june for lando's bachelors program in flight. he can't be a pilot. (commercially.) so in arizona we stay, for a few more semesters hopefully. but, maybe forever. we'll bloom where we're planted.
he is back in the civil engineering field. cleaning pools by day, studying by night.
i have three days left at my elementary school. (my heart is breaking.) i've loved this job.
summer brings one lovely drive (101 coast, cali-bek), & lots of camping.
....to clear things up. that's our news


thumbs up to you, lan

(we took the long way home to snowflake, stopped at a waterfall, then repelled 180 ft. to the bottom. it is on my list of the 20 best things i've done in my life, thats saying alot.)


all i want is a room somewhere

i'm headed home for the weekend! lovely weather, and lots of mom + boris time.

snowflake somehow transforms landon into a 10 year old boy. he leaves before i get up in morning, and comes home at night dirty & stinky. usually with a dead animal and/or the snowflake police force after him.

happy mothers day weekend.

*my fair lady- i still can't spinning it. i'm not sure what it is. poor lando comes home to me sing-speaking with rex harrison. oh, rex. i've grown accustomed to your voice.


i was in love with a place

in my mind, in my mind.