everythings magic

Christmas + Arizona + our family + no homework + real mexican food + 70 degree weather has been amazing. We leave for the Burg early tomorrow morning but I don't want to leave this place...

Some cute photos my sister-in-law snapped. The Lines were due for a family photo!

Oh, one more thing that has nothing to do with Christmas or Arizona. Anytime someone tells me something I am wearing is cute, I feel the need to tell them where I got it and how much I paid for it (?)...because I got it for a smoking deal...because I am the bomb-diggity at sale shopping...because I'm my mothers daughter... anyway, this skirt was 15 bucks at Anthro. BOOM.


standing in line

It's really not my personality to keep much to myself. I've never been that way. I tell the happy and the sad. There are a few precious things that I keep close, but I like to tell. I've always liked to hear the happy and the sad too. I am thrilled when someone tells me they are pregnant the day they find out! And regretful when someone tells me of a particularly hard time in their lives and they never could share it with me in the hard moment. I know that is just how some people process, but I feel twinges of guilt wondering if I could have been more aware, could have listened more, could have called them randomly when they needed it. I'm a sharer. A talker. A asker. A psychology major, obviously.

So, let me share with you what 2012 is going to be. The year of the baby... or at least the year of getting closer to one. I got pregnant 15 months ago, after 2 years of trying, I miscarried 13 months ago. I left the Doctors office with a "if your not pregnant in the next few months, let's set an appointment" The few months went by uneventfully and there was always something holding me back from calling. Conversations with Landon, phone calls with my sisters, FB chats with my cousin, always left me feeling like I was ready to call! Ready to set up the appointment! But every time the phone was in my hand or every time I was on hold I couldn't do it. "I am so young" "I'm not done with school" "There isn't anything wrong" were all things that made me hang up the phone. I know it sound so silly, especially now. Then one day I was ready. Then that day became consultations, appointments, and tests. And now here we are, a little bit closer at least. I'm starting clomid next month. Which seems about the most simple infertility treatment, kind of a first step. I am crossing my fingers and toes that it works but I am also prepared to keep moving forward if it doesn't. I am just ready for a baby, specifically with the funny guy who sitting in the room next to me listening to Nirvana. 

Lets do this. Can I put in an order for twins somewhere?


i'm trading stories with the leaves instead

lately i am:

missing: really, really missing ^this little poser. The same one who casually mentioned he had typhoid fever in his last email and then said he would "be fine" (don't worry, the presidents office called my mom, he's on serious antibiotics and doing better) his letters sound so good. Man I miss this kid, 8 months left!

listening: to Pearl Jam. Weird, right?

eating: Nothing, then Top Ramen and granola bars when I remember to eat. End of semester people.

studying: for my music "exit exam" and big psych test. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

singing (yes different from listening): "I don't wanna show off no more!" from The Drowsy Chaperone. It's the show I worked on all semester and they closed Friday. (It really is the funniest play I have ever seen)

laughing: At my dog. She is still weird... and now she is half-shaved and all embarrassed about it (long story, some other time)

drinking: lots and lots and lots of diet coke water. Horkleys .75 cent sodas are the best date everrrr. (ROBIN!!! They changed Horkleys name!!!! To "Great Scotts". Lame? Lame! I was so dissapointed. It will always be Horkleys to me.)

thinking: that there is virtually no snow on the ground but it was -3 this morning and we live in Rexburg. Nothing is adding up and if it's going to be this cold there might as well be snow.

wearing: "Normal pants" my Dad bought some for me in hopes I throw away all my skinny jeans.

excited(ing): to come home for the holidays! (!!!!)

Happy end of semester, and probably Christmas too (because I probably won't blog until then. Oops.)