a lover of the light

Today is my 25th birthday. And I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! about this year. This year is going to be about things I can change and taking a break from the things I cannot. It's as simple as that.

I am running a marathon.
I am reading Jesus the Christ cover to cover.
I am playing my piano more.
I am camping with my husband once a month.
I am not cutting my hair.
I am taking guitar lessons.
I am planning a kiiiiiiiiiller summer trip.
I am losing 15 pounds.
I am going to the temple once a week.
I am going to remember birthdays.
I am reading 20 books.
I am telling people I love them when I think it.
I am praying every single morning.
I am volunteering.
I am doing whatever the heck I want.

I am pretty happy about it.

Catch ya on the flip side 24, you've been real.


if you're sick of me whining about babies, this post is not for you.

A photo of me and my husband, since this is my blog after all. I think this photo depicts this moment in our lives. Mostly happy (and really tall.) A little lost in this stage of life. Married for almost 6.5 years, no kids, done with school, working full time, a little house to call our own. I guess lost might be the wrong word, but I just never imagined it'd be the two of us for so long! That is a wonderful and heartbreaking thing, my friends.