"whoa, whoa! gun on the ground!" *

shootin' skeet with the fam. (yes shootin'. when 'skeet' is following, the g is non-existent.) and i've excpeted the fact we are 'hick's from the sticks'.... for lack of a better title.
*that was yelled at my a few times saturday. oops. and sometimes i open my eyes to shoot...


girls night

thats right, i said it.
husbands all gone on the same fishing trip, check
extreme chickflick, check
pretendingtobecrafty project, check
pajamas, check
forever21, check
talking until 4 a.m., check
extra-large diet coke, check

i'm pretty sure thats what it takes to have a standard, successful girls night. and it was successful, if i do say so myself.


medium gray

i secretly wished the paint color i picked would be a more poetic name. but "medium gray" is exactly what color it is. not greengray - not bluegray. ACE hardware medium gray. D36-5. (i can't spring for benji moore, "quality of paint" means nothing to me, and to be honest, i prefer flat finish over a glossy.) "yarrow point" goes in the kitchen. yarrow point? what does that even mean....
yar·row [yar-oh]
1.a composite plant, Achillea millefolium, of Eurasia, having fernlike leaves and flat-topped clusters of whitish flowers, naturalized in North America.
2.any of various other plants of the genus Achillea, some having yellow flowers.
was that something i should've known?

i still should be studying, and yet i am blogging. which brings me to something else i've been thinking about, i was giving my link to a friend and she said "oh, your a blogger?"i don't want to be one, but unfortunately i have to face the fact that i am. so, i'm opting to change the name. how about, technological poet or, creative computer journalist? any ideas?

quote(s) of the day-
"my dad is bidda den you, him's humungous."
"catapillas lives in racoons before thems hatch."
(my apologies if my humor is simply being desensitized by bad jokes from professors and long days in a pre-school.)


beeeeeeeep phone

-i just wrote a 3 page paper on the effects of hog-farming in north carolina. i can't believe i spent two hours of my time trying to convince my teacher that "pigs are a political power" boo.

-but i did answer a question in math. (co-efficient of -x.) and got out of homework for the next day, obviously this professor doubles as a high school teacher.

oh, the life of a community college student.


seattle skyline

day dreams.
i'm day-dreaming of cooler weather and not-sore throats. i'm thinking of baby jack and baby ruthie. my friends are to little to have families. i'm wishing i could look 10 years into the future to see if landons dream of living in montana will come true. i'm glad i wore my mj shoes today instead of high heels. (which wasn't really a close call, i rarely actually wear them, just think about wearing them) i'm still finding sand in my dress, 4 year-olds and sandcastles and  "mister cake" dont mix. teacher pam is "peter-pan". i am wearing a light purple dress with a white sash. when i picked up one of our students from the bus stop she yelled "heeeeey! i haf a nigh-gown too!" kids are the most honest, and unfortunately the most correct.
wish me luck on my math test, eek


bored with me

i need to throw lots and lots of stuff away. i'll start with my dresser, work my way to the office, and hopefully finish in the junk cupboard in the kitchen. i need to finish and post pictures. i need to actually attend my online class. i took it in the hopes it would be easier then a regular class, as they usually are, who'da thought it would actually take effort? i need to renovate my apartment, i think it's time for a furniture move. i need to stop watching dateline/law and order and freaking myself out and watching more t.v to try and forget about it, ending in bedtime later then i planned. i need to say i love my new job. i need to somehow make my brothers and and step-dad forget hunting exists.
because i want my husband back.