sister or babe

My Momma, Bek, Bryn, Aevyn, and Eden left early this morning. It was a nearly perfect 3 days spent. The perfect parts included swimming in the snake river, mesa falls, porter park, warm river, cotton candy, g's dairy, packsaddle lake, fireworks, the taco bus, taking Bryn climbing for the first time, and smores on a perfect sunday evening. And the not-so-perfect parts included some girl throwing up in the hotel pool while we we're swimming. 

We miss you already fam.


ashley. said...

i absolutely adore all of these pictures.
looks wonderful.

The Webbs said...

so fun, your mama and sistas are total babes! <3 jealous you guys all got to hang out together!!!

mad white woman said...


Packsaddle Lake? Do names get cooler?

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm so glad you had fun with those fabulous girls. Too bad they are always so serious.

Talia Jensen said...

love that river! it looks so peacefull. and the firework photo is so whimsical too

Chelsea said...

I'm scared of "snake" river, and you swam there? I know I say it all.the.time. but you have an amazing mom and siblings!

shanna kesler said...

i'm oohing and awing over those fireworks. such a cool photo.