somewhere on a flood plain

I don't really want to write about 2 tests and 3 finals, my senior project presentation, the blister on my foot from my beloved Minnetonkas, that I dyed my hair way too dark today, doing "check-outs" and "check-ins" for 21 girls, that I'm a ME widow, staining my favorite shirt today, the fact that my face obviously thinks I'm a 12 year old, that instead of doing homework today Laura and I ordered pizza and watched Grey's Anatomy, or that Burry is going through a devil-dog phase.

I'll spare you and just show you this^ photo of some pretty flowers from our garden. 


The Webbs said...

yay for pizza and greys and thats about it... where are you at in the seasons? im bummed about your hair dangit! but i am sure it looks amazing. :)

laurice. said...

spray hairspray on your stained shirt if you haven't washed it yet. It has to be from an aerosol can though. My hairdresser friend taught me this trick and yes it takes hair dye out of clothing and many other things like ink pen.

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

Kate I love you and miss you. I'm so glad I got to talk to this week! I was p-r-e-t-t-y bummed your mom and Bek left me behind...(skallywags). Soon, we will come to visit:)oh and can I be in the awkward hand picture next time:) PweASe. I would like that alot. and you know what i have to say about all the bad stressful things you are going through... HAaaa HAaaaaa... i love you and i cant wait to see you.

communikate. said...

I fully support your Grey's Anatomy and pizza homework interruption.

mindy said...

pretty picture! i wanna see a pic of your hair! i'm sure it looks amazing. & yay for sister time! thats the best!