don't cover yourself in thistles or weeds

I took my last final this afternoon! To celebrate I went for a run and worked in our ^garden. Because hey! I have time for stuff like that now. This break is much-needed and well-deserved. I've got big plans for the 7 weeks I have off. They mostly include walking the dog, reading a few books, and doing whatever the heck I want, BIG PLANS people.


communikate. said...

hooray for the end of another semester! enjoy those sweet seven weeks lady. maybe you should hitch hike right on over to portlandia... :)

A FANCY DAY said...

Sounds a lot like my big plans! I take my last final today at 2 and I am having a really hard time wanting to study for it.

lauren said...

the title of your post reminded me how much i like mumford & sons. why did i forget?

congrats on the completion of another semester! enjoy your time off. gardening & reading books sounds pretty lovely to me.

hope you're doing well!

laurice. said...


I like your dark hair! Personally, I think it looks better.