denmark to rexburg

We're currently in the valley of the sun spending as much time as possible with our families. On our way to AZ we spent a day and a night in Moab hiking, swimming, and staying in a slightly-sketchy hostel. The results are in, we like Moab. (We like monsoons in Moab even more.) 

 (I can't ever get over how pretty it is there)
(Tired and dirty and slightly worried about where we were laying our heads for the night. Really though? Hostels are where it's at... if you can get past the community bathrooms and all)


communikate. said...

ha.. oh hostels..

I spent two months in hostels while i was in europe. those dirty/weird/cheap things. i have so many found memories as well as terrifying ones involving them.

example a.
one night i went to sleep in a bunk bed next to a korean guy in the bunk next to me. i awoke to a german man snoring loudly in the same bed as where the korean had been just hours before. what the what?

example b.
in amersterdam we stayed at hostel on canabis weekend that was so crammed and ghetto that the toilet on the floor above broke through spilling water, shiz, and ceilig tiles on one of the bunk beds. ghetto!!

sorry.. long tangent.

have fun in the valley of sun! i really need to get back to the valley soon. it's been over two years since i was last there.

Liz-a-nator said...

I wanna travel all the days. And stay in hostels and be outdoors. All the days.

shanna kesler said...

Moab looks awesome.

angela hardison said...

i'm so glad i got to see you while you were here! loved lunching with you.