the man of the hour

I'm thinking this motorcycle might prove to be our best purchase yet. But don't worry Mom and Dad, we wear our helmets and use our blinkers and stay off major roads. It's inconvenient that this post falls on April Fools day, because now our parents think we really don't wear helmets. Okay, we don't wear helmets. April Fools! Did that help clear it up?

It's the last week of the semester. Finals. So yeah, that's always fun.


Autumn said...

I love your new layout :)

I've been wanting a little motorcycle so badly. However, we're about to move to Georgia and I'm not sure people ride them as much.

Melanie said...

I also love your layout, and your motorcycle!
Double cool!

mad white woman said...

Um, I totally forgot it was April Fool's day. Until now. Hopefully I can get Jason before we go to bed.

Cambra said...

I'm soooo jealous! Russ and I have been jonesing for a motorcycle for so long, we just can't justify it since we just bought a car. Have fun on it for us too :)

Jules said...

Ha, I totally forgot about April Fool's day. Wonder if there's still time for me to do anything awesome to Seve.

Gosh I want a motorcycle! I dated a guy with a moped once, and it was cool for sure . . . but it kind of feels like you're sitting at a fast moving desk? It's cooler to be straddling something. Not sexier or dirtier, just cooler. Well, okay. Sexier and dirtier too.

Ugh, long freaking comment. Sorry.

whitney johnson said...

haha i totally just showed this post to aaron. he's so jealous!! :)

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Too cool!
I didn't think you guys could get any more rad...but you just did.:)
I'm with mom and dad on this one...BE CAREFUL!

Brittany said...

I always thought I was against motorcyles, and then I rode on one. One of the best feelings I've felt in this lifetime. Enjoy yours!

Sarah said...

in response to your comment on my blog: yes, abby is my sister. how do you know her? and kathleen is in my ward. i saw that she commented here too. cool that you two are cousins! the blogging world is so small.
thanks for vocalizing our commonalities! (um, that is, thanks for commenting.) :)

Emily said...

My husband had a motorcycle when we were dating. I don't think I appreciated it enough when he had it, and then he got rid of it after he got in a somewhat minor but still painful accident. (Shhh, I know you might be surprised, but motorcycles are dangerous!)

Also blogging makes it kind of awkward to have convos, but I do want to say a few things in regard to your last comment.

1) I hope you have a beautiful water birth and then tell me all about it. We'll cry together and then I will have the courage to do it too.

2) I LOVE that you found jeans at wet seal (all lowercase to whisper it just in case). And such a bargain. So proud and jealous.

Chelsea said...

i have the same rules for you that your parent do. Especially no major roads!

abby said...

i think you two make rexburg really cool.

and you're related to someone my sister knows? i love when that happens!

Mrs. Pingel said...

I think Landon, Adam and David should form a long-distance motorcycle club. It's pretty cute that they all have 'em now.

Vang said...

Good luck with finals!

Vang :)

communikate. said...

fun! graham got a motorcycle for his 25th birthday. it made me nervous every.single.day he had it. luckily he grew tired of it (or my nagging to wear a helmet and "to BE CAREFUL") so he sold it. he still talks about it all the time.