and i write them as soon as i see them

We interrupt regular scheduled Moab postings for a first-day-of-school-photo (too bad this could easily be mistaken for a mormon-fashion-blogger photo, it'd be a pretty disappointing outfit, given the target pants and all.) 

There are some reason I need you, dear blends, to feel sorry for me:

1. My backpack is heavy and my shoulders are sunburned.
2. I'm taking Behavioral Neurobiology this semester.
3. Today I decided to be responsible and work on an assignment between classes in the Ricks computer lab. 45 minutes in all the text went Chinese and Word kicked me out with nothing saved. So, yaaay! Happy first day of school to me! 

p.s. Landon is torching handle bars. Right now. In our living room. Just in case you were wondering...


The Webbs said...

happy first day!! if you need someone to call while suppose to do homework, give me a ring, i need a distraction from hw myself! is it already summer semester? im still in my spring!???! good luck this semester kate.

seriously you crack me up-this is why i love ya. love your face in that picture. nothing beats your grandma face pic.

Jane said...

i like your blog a lot. your life looks so fun! and target sometimes has the best clothes!! lately i've been into old navy too.

Sarah Leigh said...

Kate you are so cute! Can we go to lunch soon?

Melanie said...

Haha! Mormon fashion blogger! I love you, and your "disappointing outfit".

communikate. said...

you're a cute student, kate.

*and i'm glad this is a fashion post "fail." you know how i feel about the real ones. ;)

mindy said...

Love it!! U look amazing of course! :) hope school goes smoothly for you!!