she's craft-aaaaay

i've been to "hobby town" waaaaaaaaaay more times then i'd like to. landon could spend hours there, he's loved that store since he was a kid. he was way into RC trucks for a while, then RC airplanes for a while, then flight simulator for a while. so imagine lando's excitement when he saw a big building and sign that read "hobby lobby coming soon!" he called me right away to tell me about it and how huge the building was, he came home and figured out exactly what day it would open. he waited excitedly for the "grand opening!" the hundreds of mormon mom's storming the doors didn't tip him off that this store was not quite what he thought... but the floral section that hits you in the face when you walk in did. he called me, totally defeated and totally scammed.

and i'm just going to say it- i hate hobby lobby! i'll yell it from the roof tops! it gives me serious anxiety. hobby lobby, it's not you it's me, i'm just not craft-fabulous (and it's a little bit you.)

*beasite boys>hobby lobby. 10 points if you know what i mean.