come at once, if convenient. if inconvenient, come all the same

Unsuccessful events this weekend:
-A cold and windy Sunday picnic. We saw the sun shining through the windows at church and plotted out a lazy afternoon eating sandwiches and laying on a blanket. We admittedly jumped the gun.
-Bumping into someone in the hall and saying "I underestimated your girth" whaaaaaaat? I really hope she didn't hear me.
-My attempt at homemade oreos. I've made them a handful of times but today was a total bust.

Successful events this weekend:
-A sunny Saturday hike. Half way was unsuccessful because I left the water bottle somewhere on the trail and we had to re-hike our steps to find it. But we found it so, success!
-Finally seeing Sherlock Holmes. I am not an action-movie fan by any means but I've never met a Sherlock Holmes I didn't like. I am going to officially state that this one beat the first.
-A Sunday evening walk once the wind settled down a bit.
-Setting the alarm clock right in regards to daylight savings and 3-11, waking up to "brainstorm, take me away from the norm..." was not a bad way to wake up. Double success via the alarm clock.
-Look! The borders are gone. What, what? (Thanks Jules)


communikate. said...

Love the 3-11 reference. Happy 311 day!!

And we always jump the gun on weather. Man, why can't the sun just stick around for an entire day?!

mad white woman said...

Everyone I watched the new Holmes movie with didn't like it better than the first. I thought it was great, which left me wondering if I just couldn't remember the 1st one as well as everyone else. But now I'm realizing maybe just really cool people like this one better. ;)

Brittany said...

i can't wait until it's warm enough for picnics! i feel your anxious excitement! and i also love sherlock holmes. although i only understand what they're saying three lines later.

The Webbs said...

sending warm weather your way-or you could come my way??! you guys look great! <3

Lacey Lou Who said...

Ummm... it looks freezing there... today it was 80 degrees... that is my idea of warm and sunny!

Jules said...

You're quite welcome!

And 311 was my favorite band in high school (well, one of many, ha). I saw them in concert as a junior and MAN that just took me back. Getting so old over here.

Laraine Eddington said...

..."underestimated your girth" is my favorite phrase of the month.

laurice. said...

I like it better with out the borders also.

So funny about your bumping in the hall. ops.

Tell Landon I overheard Camden talking to his friends at school about uncle Landon in Arizona and how fun it is to ride dirt bikes with him because they ramp so high. If only you could see his face an animation while telling his friends all about it. And then ending saying I hope he's there for Spring Break. Too bad.

whitney johnson said...

these photos are beautiful! and so glad you found your water bottle...we always forget water on our hikes, and i swear my only near death experience was a 5-mile hike in 90+ degrees with no water.

sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

shanna kesler said...

I'm impressed that you knew which way to turn your clock. My phone had my back. Arizonans just aren't programmed for that sort of thing.