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We cannot take sunny days in the Burg for granted right now (well ever, really. SAD is a real thing, guys) because we are headed to Zions Park in 31 days. Burry is still as small as ever (I really don't think she's grown in 6 months!) and kind of a wimp, little does she know her world is going to be rocked when she tries to keep up with us hiking all day, every day. We are trying to take her on as many walks as possible before then. Poor thing has no clue whats coming for her.

Landon changed his emphasis to Geology (well more technically, mining and petroleum) last week, it's the exact move he needed to make to hopefully land him his *current dream job, but when he came home from sorting it all out he said he was excited because he "really likes rocks!" And he really does! Every time we drive past a rock shop in Utah (why are there so many there?) he wants to stop. He's wanted a rock tumbler for years (and a telescope, but that has nothing to do with this.) He's a funny guy.

*I say current because he always has something new he wants to do up his sleeve, I think he could find a lot of dream jobs. He has about a million ideas of "side jobs" to do from our non-existent garage. Everything from dirt bike repair to palm tree maintenance to making prosthetic limbs (I am so serious.) I like that about him though, he always has a project or idea. Anyone who knows him can attest to that, he is constantly tinkering with something.

We started going to a family ward in January, as opposed to a student ward and we both got callings a few weeks ago. I got called to the Relief Society Activity Board and Landon got called to teach the 6 year olds in Primary. I am so jealous. Like really jealous. He comes home with the funniest stories about nerdy kids and I have to go to Sunday School alone.

Happy Thursday!

p.s. does anyone know about the small mirror border around my photos? In only shows up in Google Chrome and I don't like it. Any tips?


communikate. said...

Great pictures, Kate!

You're going to Zions? Man oh man. You MUST eat at Oscar's. It was one of favorites in the world. Man, I miss Saturday drives over to that beautiful country.

Oh, as for the border around photos, I think it's the blogger template you're using. Mine showed up like that after I switched it up last time. I even tried to make the border transparent and had no such luck. Lame.

Sarah Leigh said...

Primary callings are the best! That is one downside to student wards. But you will be the best Activity Board member the church has ever seen, this I know.

brandilyn said...

please get one of these for burry:


she's going to look so cute with her bandanna hiking around zion's!

Cambra said...

what, what? We are going to be in zion with a bunch of people for spring break! Yay Zions!

chelsea :: stock said...

uh, I am in the Primary Presidency and finding people willing to teach in JR primary is a lot harder than you would think. If you would enjoy it, drop a hint to the Primary Presidency and I bet they scoop you up!

p.s I like your haircut, lady.

Jenny B said...

Love the photos and the hair. And your blog layout. And please let me know about the borders, they bug me too.

The Webbs said...

kate, landon seriously cracks me up. him and kam should just be brothers. kam can be the shorter dark one and landon can be the taller blonde one. lol.

anyway i loooooove the painting below, and your short hair. im so excited to see ya soon!! let me know how your trip goes-sounds like so much fun!

laurice. said...

Landon cracks me up! He's been like that since he was born. I remember mom always having a heart attack because he would start tearing some random machine apart in his bedroom and get oil and crap all over the carpet!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

You can do it Burry!
Beautiful pics as usual Kate.
Can't wait to see what you snap on your trip!

Jules said...

This helped me remove my borders:


Just go to Template > Edit HTML then hit CTRL + F to find the right coding and paste in the new stuff. Viola! No more borders!