patterned specifically to yours

These are some film photos of a Sunday picnic and particularly competitive game of croquet with the Warnicks. Holly won the first round and I won the second. So... you know. I was so anxious to get the photos back from this roll and disappointed when only a few turned out how I had imagined them. Well, better luck next time.


Laraine Eddington said...

Oh the antique anticipation of waiting for a roll to develop.

j.peri said...

oh my goodness! I love everything on your blog!
the header
the pictures
the dogs
so fun!!

mindy said...

love the dogs! & how fun to play croquet!! awesome pics

Sarah Leigh said...

I can't handle how much I love the photo of the pups :) so great

abby said...

well the two i'm seeing are amazing! that's what's fun about film though, huh! the gamble. i wish you would teach me all your mad photography skills and then i wouldn't have to be so jealous of them. haha.

Kjrsten said...

what film were you using? what camera? How were you exposing it? (over? under? or at box speed?) inquiring minds want to know.