monkey at the gym

this will be in correspondence with my sisters last post.

i tried the highly popular zumba for the first time on tuesday. i arrived early and stood timidly towards the back of the classroom, really having no idea what to expect. something that sounded like shakira blasted over the speakers and this little latino with a mic started dancing in the front of the classroom. i tried my best to follow along and for a while i was looking at her rather than myself in the mirror. but before long i caught a glimpse of my monkey arms swinging wildly about without any restraint. i hit the girl behind me more times then i could count. i am so........ american. everything the instructor did looked like some sexy latin dance, while everything i did looked like a peppy cheerleader or a sad attempt at the jive. i went with a friend and i tried never to make eye contact with her because i was so awkwardly flailing about. to make things better, the room was filled with fair-faced-freshman students who blushed when the latino really started shaking her booty. i was dripping in sweat (always cute) but that could have been from embarrassment, i'm not sure.

surprisingly, i went again tonight.