bad example, the hindenburg

this year i decided to document more on my blog, like the things we actually do. yeah, i blogged a lot last year, but it was all about my feelings, boring. so here it goes-

my faith in the burg restaurants has been restored! we went to the taco bus last night. we literally ate a taco in a bus (well, i ate a quesadilla) there was a spanish soap opera playing at the front of the bus. and it was amazing. and i want to go back tonight. and all i can think about today is apple soda. mmmmmmm. we went with the nielsons and the haynes, they are good people, we like them. the nielsons had to cut out early but after we went to the haynes for rootbeer floats. while the boys golfed, played flight simulator and watched you-tube videos on how to melt gold (really) brandilyn and i talked for FOUR hours! we didn't leave until well after midnight... sorry guys.

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