last week:

Kate taught a blogging class on campus and helped teach freshman how to train chickens with positive reinforcement, can you tell I'm a psych major?

Lando made the worlds best stir-fry and we pretty much ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

We spent the weekend with my parents! They came to see Cami-Lou and we got to steal a few hours with them too.  



The Webbs said...

i love your duck face. now come home with your parents. that baby girl is so so so so cute. bring her too.

Brittany said...

i wish i could take a class on blogging! that sounds so fun and helpful! also, that is a cute picture of you two--landon looks different. i wish i could make a duck face for every picture--so much more fun!

A FANCY DAY said...

I would have loved to come to your blogging class, look at you instructing bloggers and chickens!

Alison said...

BYU-I knows what's up if they're teaching classes on blogging.

mad white woman said...

Chickens? That's awesome. And maybe kind of weird.

brandilyn said...

but what do they do with the chickens once they've been positively reinforced?? #chickenburgersatcrossroads #waaah

Cambra said...

ohhh, the Ricks chicks. It takes all the strength in my being not to steal them by the handful.