last week: 
Landon- sold our little truck
Kate- went to St. George to watch Sarah run 26.2 miles
We- met our newest niece, Camille Louise (and we can't get enough of her.)


The Webbs said...

thank you so much for coming to watch me, it was such a fun trip.

baby got back!

lauren said...

that baby is perfect. like, actually. she is so sweet!

Jules said...

I love that first picture! Where did you take that?

Oh, and that second picture is all right (and by "all right" I mean "so precious I could cry").

Laraine Eddington said...

Excellent use of your weekend!

laurice. said...

awww....she's very cute.

angela hardison said...

that baby is cute and that top photo is beeeeeauutiful.