union, falls.

Let's move on from the previous post, shall we? On to happier things.

I need to document all of our summer activities before school starts (tomorrow! Can I say I'm a little peeved our wreck ruined our last 5 days of  freedom! We had a hiking AND camping trip planned. Rude.) and I forget to to post about them and before we know it- it's summer 2013.

Labor day we hiked Union Falls with some az friends, Cam and Casi. It was about 15 miles round trip and a few miles in you actually cross into Yellowstone Park (high 5 for getting into the park for free!) Along the trail you can head one direction for about half a mile and get to the most amazing waterfall hot spring pool. We'd crossed the freezing river 4 times on the hike, so I wasn't too convinced I was going to jump into that water, but it was like pool water. Perfect temperature and crystal clear water. The hike would have been worth that alone but a little ways up the trail was Union Falls- all 265 feet of it! It is beautiful and breathtaking, loud and powerful but serene and calming. We sat at the top for a while, eating our lunch and snapping photos, and then headed back down. We stopped at Frostop on our way home- the funniest little diner in the funniest little town.

(I only brought my film camera along, which is always kind of scary.) I'm so glad we did this before our stay in Idaho ends.


Talia said...

I'm glad I get to see some of life through your eyes!! You have been able to do some AMAZING things!! Your gonna look back on your time in Idaho as some of the best years of your life! I think I can hear the waterfalls and smell the forest just from your pictures!!! If I ever go hiking or camping I'm going to invite you guys along! You seem to know how to do it right!!!
PS. So glad you guys are ok, and that your accident wasn't more serious!! I think you guys must have some pretty COOL guardian angels looking over you!! ;)
You're inspiring!!

carla thorup said...

this place is GORGEOUS. how fun.

sweet harvest moon said...

So beautiful!

Emily said...

Lovely! (as always)

Becca said...

The light in these pictures is just perfect! Makes me wish summer would last forever.

You have a lovely blog, btw! Found you through the Love You Longtime blog.

kELLO! said...

i always love your photos